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SEO Tactics that Boost Your Hotel's Rankings

Jan 16, 2018 11:00:00 AM

Hotel SEO is a bit like a puzzle; no, it’s not that it’s difficult (though it is complex). It’s that there is a variety of pieces. When they come together correctly, they form a complete picture. And when they don’t… well, you have a pile of disparate pieces. When you follow best practices, though, a picture begins to emerge.

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Hotel Website Changes that Improve User Experience

Jan 9, 2018 12:30:00 PM

Your website is the hub of your digital marketing efforts; it is the single most critical asset you possess in the quest to build occupancy rates, profitability, and your profile as a must-visit hotel. But is your current hotel website design holding you back?

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Hotel Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Jan 3, 2018 12:00:00 PM

Imagine… bottomless marketing budgets. Unlimited resources. As much money and technology and manpower as you can throw at a challenge.

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4 Ways to Leverage Influencers in Your Hotel Marketing

Nov 30, 2017 2:44:12 PM

Influencer marketing is growing more popular each year and not just in the fashion and beauty industry. Travel is an extremely trending category among bloggers. Not only do followers get to live vicariously through these travel icons that show off the hottest vacation spots, and the most Instagrammable tourist locations, but they also feature the places they stay and can influence where you pick your next trip and accommodations.

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Setting Up Your 2018 Hotel Marketing Plan

Nov 27, 2017 3:20:00 PM

It’s that time again. While you are putting your 2017 hotel marketing plan into action, monitoring your progress, and, ideally, celebrating successes, it is time to look ahead to the new year. When allocating finite dollars, it is essential that you focus on the critical areas that will drive profitability, namely your hotel online marketing strategy.

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4 Reasons to Be Proactive with Your Hotel Email Marketing

Nov 14, 2017 11:06:57 AM

For most hotel marketing strategies, email begins the second a guest clicks “book room”. From there, a follow-up confirmation is sent with the details of their stay, and there may be a few emails as the dates come closer. However, this is extremely expected. It’s not really driving your marketing strategy and isn’t contributing to you booking more guests. Put simply, it’s reactive and isn’t really “marketing” in the sense that it’s after your guests have decided to book a room.

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Hotel Marketing Strategies to Consider for 2018

Nov 14, 2017 11:01:52 AM

Hotel marketing has changed quite a bit in the last couple years and it doesn’t look like 2018 will be any different.  Whether you decide to dump a hefty budget into online advertising or invest in a creative content marketing strategy, it’s never been more important to show up in the booking process in the right place at the right time.  In this post, I’ll highlight a few strategies that focus on delivering the best possible guest experience so you can drive direct bookings and increase revenue.

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4 Creative Ways to Leverage Content in Your Hotel Marketing Strategy

Nov 14, 2017 10:55:21 AM

With sites like Expedia, Priceline, and other massive online travel agencies taking up to 30% from the bookings they produce, it’s never been more important to get guests to book directly on your website. It’s not easy, but with a little creativity your audience will forget about the long page of hotels they came from and focus on the potential experience they’ll have with you. Here are a few ways you can creatively use content marketing to get your hotel to stand out and create the best possible guest experience.

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8 Hotel Marketing Trends for 2018

Nov 14, 2017 10:43:31 AM

It’s that time of year again and business planning is in full swing here at THAT Agency. Every year around this time we like to take a step back, take inventory of what we’ve learned, and identify trends for the upcoming year. So what trends can we expect to see in the hospitality industry for 2018? The trends for 2017 lived up to the hype, but here’s what’s changed and what you can expect to encounter as the calendar flips yet again.

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Search Engine Marketing for Independent Hotels

Nov 13, 2017 11:05:11 AM

The hospitality industry is more competitive than ever with the rise of companies like Airbnb, trivago, flipkey and many more. As an independent hotel, the challenge to compete with these companies can seem daunting with smaller budgets and likely less time to manage multiple tactics. How do you manage a small budget, choose the right channels and provide an ROI? We believe one of those building blocks to your strategy should be paid search.

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