9 Creative Hotel Packages Examples

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Hotel marketing has evolved significantly in recent years. The old, conventional tactics simply don't cut it with today's tech-savvy generation. Modern travelers expect more than just a room; they seek unique and memorable experiences. To capture the attention of jaded, media-saturated guests and revamp your hotel marketing strategy, consider embracing creative hotel packages examples. In this article, we'll delve into nine top-notch sales promotion ideas for hotels that you can implement right away. These hotel packages examples and add-on packages are designed to entice your guests and set your hotel apart from the competition.

1. A Ready-Made Itinerary

One of our favorite hotel packages examples is a ready-made itinerary! Vacations should be stress-free, yet the planning process can often be overwhelming. Enter the ready-made itinerary package, a creative solution to ease your guests' travel anxieties. Instead of dealing with the hassle of planning, offer them themed packages that include local attractions, dining recommendations, and activities. For example, create a family package that bundles zoo or museum tickets with a gift card to a local family-friendly restaurant. Alternatively, design a shopping package that provides a map of nearby shops and exclusive coupons. By taking care of the planning, you make your guests' lives easier and more enjoyable.

2. One Little Taste

The power of providing a taste cannot be underestimated. Supermarkets give away samples to entice people to make purchases, and you can apply the same concept to your hotel. Create a package that offers your guests a taste of what your establishment has to offer. For instance, host a tasting event the evening before you launch your new restaurant menu. This can pique your guests' interest and encourage them to return to book a table.

You can also extend this concept to your conference room space by inviting local businesses for a complimentary lunch. Not only does this give them a chance to experience your facilities, but it also allows you to sweeten the deal by offering bonuses, such as a free first meeting if they book a second.

3. Celebrate Unconventional Holidays

While major holidays like Christmas and Halloween often take the spotlight, consider building packages around less celebrated or unconventional holidays. Think outside the box and identify occasions that are typically overlooked. If your community hosts a significant Veteran's Day ceremony, offer a package to veterans and their families that includes free transportation to the event. This unique approach can help you fill the void and provide memorable experiences for your guests.

4. Collaborate with Suppliers

Harness the power of collaboration with your suppliers to create special packages for your guests. Partner with them to develop unique offerings, whether it's a free evening workshop, holiday gift baskets, or a simple take-home treat like a box of chocolates. By discussing potential collaborations with your suppliers, you can craft memorable guest experiences that set your hotel apart.

5. Develop a Loyalty Program

While larger hotel brands commonly implement loyalty programs, smaller establishments often overlook this effective marketing tool. However, a well-structured loyalty program can incentivize repeat business and foster customer loyalty. Consider offering loyalty points on a card or other valuable rewards that align with your guests' preferences. For instance, offer a complimentary night's stay for every two bookings, or provide free room service with every third consecutive stay. Identify what your customers value most and leverage it to encourage their loyalty.

6. Host Themed Workshops

Take inspiration from the cruise industry's success in promoting themed cruises by hosting themed workshops at your hotel. Share your expertise and passion with your guests through workshops that focus on topics you excel in, such as local wines or gardening. Pair the workshop with an exciting experience, such as a visit to nearby botanical gardens, and promote it as a weekend getaway centered around a specific theme.

7. Showcase Your Employees

Your hotel employees can be valuable assets in your promotional efforts. Today's guests love behind-the-scenes views, and your employees can provide these unique insights through social media interactions, live chats, and more. Engage your team to brainstorm creative hotel packages examples that incorporate their talents and contributions, making them an integral part of your promotions.

8. The Early Bird Promotion

While it may not seem particularly innovative, an early bird promotion can be highly effective in encouraging guests to book with your hotel. Offer enticing perks for those who book early, such as room upgrades, complimentary breakfast, or a beautiful bouquet upon arrival. Although discounts are always attractive, consider alternative options that your guests might value just as much.

9. Hotel Add on Packages: Free Upgrades and Add-Ons

Delight your guests by offering complimentary upgrades and hotel add on packages that enhance their stay. Upgrade them from standard Wi-Fi to premium services or offer a suite instead of a standard room when they extend their stay. Identify what your guests would genuinely appreciate and construct packages around these ideas. Satisfied guests are more likely to share their experiences, potentially leading to increased bookings for these packages.


In a rapidly evolving hotel industry, predictable marketing tactics are no longer sufficient to attract and retain guests. Creative hotel package ideas can rejuvenate your marketing strategies, providing guests with unique and memorable experiences that resonate with today's travelers.

By offering ready-made itineraries, collaborating with suppliers, implementing loyalty programs, hosting themed workshops, showcasing your employees, and more, you can differentiate your hotel and entice guests to choose your establishment over the competition.

For further guidance and assistance in implementing these creative hotel packages and add-on packages, reach out to THAT Agency's marketing experts. We have a wealth of effective sales promotion ideas for hotels that can elevate your brand and enhance guest experiences. Your guests deserve unique and unforgettable adventures, and we're here to help you deliver them. Elevate your hotel marketing with creative packages, and watch your guest satisfaction and bookings soar.

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