9 Creative Hotel Package Ideas

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Hotel marketing can easily become predictable. The old gimmicks just aren't working for today's tech-savvy generation; they expect more. With creative hotel package ideas, you can deliver and even wow jaded, media-saturated guests.

Creative Hotel Package Ideas | Sales Promotion Ideas for Hotels | THAT Agency

Take a look at these nine top sales promotion ideas for hotels you could begin implementing tomorrow:

1. A Ready-Made Itinerary

Vacation is supposed to be anxiety-free, right? Sometimes just the hassle of planning the trip is stressful in and of itself, but with this creative package idea, your guests won't have to deal with that hassle. Instead, you could create a family package that includes zoo or museum tickets with a gift card to a local restaurant. You could create a shopping package that includes a map to the local shops along with coupons.

2. One Little Taste

Why do grocery stores give away samples? It encourages people to buy the product. You can create a package that will do the same. You could, for example, host a tasting the evening before you launch your new restaurant menu. People may be more willing to come back and book a table. 

You could do the same with your conference room space. Invite local businesses in for lunch. It gives them a chance to see the facility and you an opportunity to offer a bonus like a free first meeting if they book a second.

3. Celebrate

When you think holiday, the chances are good that your mind jumps to Christmas or Halloween. Why not consider building a package around an often overlooked holiday. If your community does a big Veteran's Day ceremony, offer a package to veterans and their families that includes free transportation to the event. Think about the often overlooked spaces, then fill the void.

4. Use Your Suppliers

Work with your suppliers to create something special for guests. Maybe it's a free workshop in the evening. Perhaps it's a gift basket for visitors around a holiday. It could be something as simple as a free take-home like a box of chocolates. Talk to your suppliers about the possibility of creating something amazing together.

5. Develop a Loyalty Program

Big brands do this routinely, but smaller brands are much less likely to do so. A loyalty program, though, can encourage repeat customers and keep them coming back for more. You'll need to decide how to handle it, whether it might be points on a card or something even easier, but the key is to make the reward worth it. Maybe they get a night free when they book two or perhaps free room service comes with the third stay in a row. Decide what your customers value, then use that to your advantage.

6. Develop a Workshop

Cruise ships are really good at this. They'll promote a cruise around a single idea. Perhaps it's bands from a certain area or lectures around a given topic. You can do the same on a smaller scale. What do you know really well? Maybe it's local wines or  gardening. Develop a workshop, then pair it with something exciting like a trip to the nearby botanical gardens, then promote it as a weekend getaway around that theme.

7. Don't Leave Out Your Employees

Your employees can be part of your next big promotion, too. Guests love to see behind the scenes views, and your employees can provide that with social media insights, guest chats, and more. Poll your team to get some great creative hotel package ideas that include them!

8. The Early Bird Promotion

This one may not seem creative, but it's a good way to get guests to work with you. Offer something fantastic in return for booking early - room upgrades, breakfast, or even a beautiful bouquet upon arrival. A discount is the gold standard here, but sometimes people value other options as well.

9. Free Upgrades

Send your guests from standard wifi to better services. Offer a suite instead of a standard room when they stay a bit longer. Think about what your guests might value, then build a package around that idea, and the chances are good they'll post about it and that could increase other bookings within that package.

Our marketing team has more effective sales promotion ideas for hotels; ask how you can put them into action!

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