How to Increase Hotel Occupancy Midweek

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Your weekend bookings are amazing. Too bad every day can’t be Friday, Saturday, or Sunday! Unfortunately, the average Wednesday is lackluster, even during peak season. How can you get your hotel occupancy rate up, even during the middle of any given week? Here are some hotel marketing ideas that may help.

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Promotions, Anyone?

One of the best ways to get people through the door is through a hot promotion. For example, you could offer a dining discount, a special sports-lovers package, or an add-on amenity like a free spa treatment. These are easy ways to sell rooms you might not otherwise have booked while giving your patrons something of value. And guests love to feel like they’re receiving exclusive or VIP treatment!

Extended Stay Discounts

You have people booking on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, right? Why not offer them the opportunity to add Monday and Tuesday to that package at a reduced rate to boost your hotel occupancy rate midweek?

You could do the same by extending the rate discount for those who intended to begin their stay on a Friday but decide to come on a Thursday. It's a great way to create some add-on value to existing bookings.

Make New (Local) Friends

Local companies and organizations often need space to host events, hold meetings, train employees, etc. Increase your revenue (and maybe occupancy rates) by attracting them to your facility. For example, working with the local book club may lead to the opportunity to host a creative writing conference that attracts authors who need a place to stay before, during, and after the event.

Don't forget that making local friends often means partnering with restaurants and realtors too. Restaurants may promote your business in exchange for a free in-room ad. Realtors often recommend hotels to their out-of-town clients as well; become their top choice with in-room ads.

Keep Your Current Customers In the Loop

If you haven't already developed a mailing list of your current customers or a rewards program, it's time to get started. If guests have spent time with you before and enjoyed their stay, they're likely to come back in the future - especially when you utilize the right hotel marketing ideas. Offer a 20% off coupon to returning customers or a perk like a free meal if they stay with you midweek. Boost the bonuses if they leave a review on social media.

Promote Midweek Events

Weddings are expensive. So are reunions, anniversaries, and many other big events. Promoting those events midweek may help increase your occupancy. You could even offer upgrades to those who decide on midweek. For example, if a family decides to host their reunion on a Thursday, give them one free room for booking five or vouchers for a local restaurant (see, it helps to have those local friends!).

A low midweek hotel occupancy rate can be frustrating, but it is possible to get your numbers up. Let us help. We'll offer fresh hotel marketing ideas and develop a strategy that targets the perfect audience - and gets them in your rooms.

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