What Is Your Hotel Marketing Mix?

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The world of travel and tourism has always been a competitive one; easy and ubiquitous access to the internet has only intensified this. It has also changed how people learn about your property, making the need for a more effective hotel marketing plan all the more essential.

If you haven't yet reconsidered your hotel marketing mix, the time is now. The next big season will be upon your facility before you know it, and with the right plan in place, you can keep your facility at capacity with happy guests.

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The Four Ps of The Hotel Marketing Mix

Any research into hotel marketing will lead you to the four Ps at some point. Developed by E. Jerome McCarthy in a 1960 book titled Basic Marketing: A Managerial Approach, they've been around for decades. And for good reason: they work. Understanding the 4 Ps could mean a better hotel marketing plan and better numbers.

1. Product

This is the hotel property itself. It's essentially what you're trying to market, and if you're not meeting the expectations of travelers today, you're likely not going to be successful in your efforts. For example, you should have a comfortable place to sleep, great food, good customer service, and perks like free WiFi for your guests. Parking should be easy to navigate, and your property should appear clean and updated. 

Keep in mind that the needs of target audiences vary. If your hotel offers conference facilities, for instance, you want to hit the business travel segment hard. If you want to appeal to millennials and families, including pet-friendly accommodations or organic foods could be good “ins.” Your offerings help shape your hotel marketing plan. 

2. Price

Sure, price refers to what each room costs during each season, but it also relates to your overall pricing strategy - and how that compares to others within your market. It's tougher than ever to simply publish a rate and wait for something to happen. Instead, you have to compare what you have to offer with what others have to offer and how your pricing strategy varies from day to day and season to season. Better pricing means better revenue. 

3. Placement

This is where things get a bit more complicated. It involves where you're placing your advertising. Today's traveler uses the internet and mobile devices at a greater than ever rate, and they're not just looking at your site. They're looking at some of the big players in the industry like Travelocity. Thinking about how visible your site is, where you're placing ads, and how easy it is for travelers to book a night with you is all part of the placement equation. 

4. Promotions

This involves thinking about what you're currently doing to make your hotel more attractive to potential customers. This could be the social media campaign you just finished or a brand new blog you recently launched. There are many ways to promote your property online. The key is finding one that works for your target audience.

It's the combination of these four elements that defines your current hotel marketing mix, and could lead to greater revenue in the long run.

Ready to work on optimizing your hotel marketing plan? Let us help. As marketing experts in today's hospitality industry, we're ready to help you achieve the right hotel marketing mix and strategies to meet your business-building goals.

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