5 Ways Hotels Can Improve Guest Experience

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A recent Trip Advisor study found that 92% of hoteliers said increasing repeat business is their top concern. The most effective way to achieve that goal is to improve guest experience. When people view your website, scour for deals, or read reviews on major travel websites, your hotel guest reviews should be nothing short of stellar. Keep them coming back.

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How can you make that happen? These five tips can help.

1. Contact Them Before The Stay

The moment your guest has booked a room, customer service should begin. Consider sending an automatic email offering additional services they may need for their stay. Maybe it's early check in. Perhaps it's some help with dinner reservations or events tickets. If you can help your guest make his or her trip a bit more pleasant and convenient, you're going to have a higher user experience rating.

2. Personalize Services

The hospitality industry as a whole has to be focused on customers, and that means every member of your staff has to care about your customers. We live in a world where Amazon can anticipate our every shopping need. Your staff members can anticipate your guests' wants and needs too, and personalization like that could go a long way. A tired guest might want to know where the coffee bar is. A guest who looks harried may need the suggestion to order room service and enjoy a night in. Help your staff understand just how important connections like those are.

3. Identify Potential Problems

If you can anticipate what your guests might see as a problem, address it proactively. What can you really do to make your guests more comfortable? If guests routinely experience long hold times, deal with the problem. A chilly fall day makes a great time for cocoa and coffee in the reservation area. If you can take a closer look at every aspect of your service and go above and beyond to make your guests as comfortable as possible from reservation to post-stay, you're going to score extra points in those reviews.

4. Add Technology

Guests care very much about technology. Given that more than 70% of all customers use the internet to make that initial reservation, offering them the tech access they need while at your property is important. Free wifi is a must, but you can go one step further. Consider streaming media services, apps or online ordering for room service and other amenities, and online check in and check out. Your guests won't ignore tech while they're at your property. Use it to your advantage.

5. Value Repeat Customers

The statistic about hoteliers wanting repeat bookings should send you a clear signal. The competition is fierce. One way you can encourage your guests to come back is to ensure that they receive special treatment. Welcome them by name at check-in. Offer something special in-room: cold bottled water, a fruit plate, warm cookies, an exclusive discount at your spa or restaurant. Your guests will want to stay again, and those who see how you treat repeat guests will also be more inclined to check back in.

The hospitality industry is getting more crowded by the moment. You cannot afford to miss details that will improve guest experience and get you rave hotel guest reviews. Let us help you market those details today.

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