10 Strategies of Successful Hotel Marketing Managers

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While marketing is a behind-the-scenes function, virtually everything that managers do is seen by current and potential customers at some point. Their work is on display. When it comes to marketing in the hotel industry, sound strategies ensure success. What do top managers do differently?

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They Start The Day With a Goal

The best marketing managers don’t approach their day with a vague to-do list in the back of their minds. Nor do they sit down at the device and waste hours wading through emails first thing in the morning. No, they create a plan to guide and structure their day, deciding what must be done - and how. Then… they do it.

This is critical: if you simply blunder into the day, the small and mundane details are going to take over. If, instead, you think about your day ahead of time and create a plan of attack, you're likely to be more productive. Become the master of your time. Any effective hotel marketing strategy starts with a clearly defined goal; every effective day should begin with one as well.

They Keep the Lines of Communication Open

Marketing in the hotel industry takes a village! Checking in with key team members is critical. Revenue management, for example, is a key department to keep in contact with because they have the latest numbers available. Likewise, your event planning staff and corporate planning people must be consulted to alert you to potential trouble spots or - better yet! - opportunities. Communication is arguably job 1 for the marketing manager. Team members must feel they can come to you at any point with information or for guidance.

They Compliment Team Members

Good managers in any industry know that they must be generous with your praise, and that's true in the world of hospitality too. Let your team members know when they've done something great. Staff morale is important to ensuring the place stays up and running, and compliments can go a long way toward a higher job satisfaction rating - and better productivity and results.

They Talk to Those Using the Hotel

The communication stream, positive as it may be, doesn't end internally. The best hotel marketing managers also talk to guests and individuals booking the venue for meetings, conferences, weddings, and more. These people are valuable sources of information, and it's key to understand what they like and don't like about the hotel and its facilities. A big part of predicting what's going to be big in marketing in the hotel industry is gleaned from insights from customers.

They Review The Property Constantly

Where are guests spending the most time? What's working well for your property? Read the reviews. Walk through the property. It's exactly what good marketing managers do on a regular basis. They work to achieve an accurate perspective on the property every day and decide not only what to add to the list for marketing purposes, but also what to bring to the attention of management for potential upgrades.

They Consider the Data

The age of big data is here, and there's so much information out there to process. It's only fitting that a hotel marketing manager should soak all of that in. From looking at factors like direct revenue rates and web conversion rates to daily checkups on the marketing cost per booking metrics, understanding the numbers that are available is absolutely essential.

They Look At Revenue

A big part of the data available to hotel marketing managers is the revenue numbers. Pace reports are out there, as are reports detailing whether your performance is on track with your budget. Understanding the latest figures can help you better plan and identify areas for improvement.

They Scope Out the Competition

Data on screen, though, is hardly the only information available. A closer look at what other hotels are doing is just as important, and it's why good marketing managers learn as much as they can about the competition. Think about signing up for a hotel marketing intelligence report, so you can see where they're succeeding - especially if it’s an area in which you are not.

They READ!

This isn't just true of successful hotel marketing managers. It's true of every successful leader in the world today. Reading as much as possible is going to help keep you informed: stay up to date on industry trends, upcoming events, and changes within the industry. The reading list can quickly become overwhelming, so look for curated lists from trusted sources.

They Review Their Goals

It's not enough to simply set objectives each day. Think about the bigger picture. Review the goals you, and management, have for the hotel overall. Think about where you were last year. Are you doing as well as you could? Are there metrics where you could be performing at a higher rate? Taking a closer look at those goals is key to ensuring your property is successful.

The best hotel marketing managers know what it takes to keep the “No Vacancy” sign up. Do you? If you need help ensuring your hotel marketing strategy is driving forward key goals, let us know.

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