Easy Ways to Market Your Hotel on Social Networks

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Increased visibility, more direct bookings, better brand awareness - sound like every hotel’s dream come true? It is, and it’s just not possible without a better social media marketing strategy for your property. 

More of your potential guests than ever are interacting on a number of different social media platforms, making it an integral part of the best strategies, and posting regularly on those channels where you might find the perfect mix of guests who have stayed with you before and guests who have yet to experience your brand means connecting on an entirely different level.

How can you make it happen? 

Choose the Right Channels

It seems like a new social media site comes out every single month, and knowing where to market your hotel can be tough. Don’t worry about being active on all of the channels. It’s tough to manage hotel social media marketing on every single platform. Instead, select the best ones to meet your needs. 

  • Facebook: Younger viewers don’t pay a lot of attention to this platform, but that doesn’t mean it’s one you should avoid. There are no posting limits in terms of word count or video size here, and Instagram is fused with this network, so your paid campaigns can reach more than one audience here. This is a great space to post stories, live videos, and promotions. Contests work well here too. 
  • LinkedIn: If you’re looking to share professional content that’s related to the hospitality industry or you primarily want to attract business professionals, this is the perfect platform. It’s an excellent site if you want to consider promoting your space for special events or big conferences. 
  • Instagram: Those on Insta tend to be more engaged than those on any other platform. Instagram viewers tend to be younger, but it’s a great space if you want to answer questions, offer updates, or highlight other elements. This is a very visual platform, though, so be prepared for an entirely different approach. 
  • Twitter: Many see this as the least effective platform for hotel marketing today, but the reality is that there are still millions of monthly users out there. The key with this platform, though, is to use it properly. 500 million Tweets are sent each day, but few people follow brands. Instead, they often just tag companies. It’s best to use this platform as a customer service tool instead of a customer attraction tool. 

Incorporate Video

Video is the single most powerful medium on the Internet today, and potential guests are watching videos at almost every single phase of the decision-making process. Your videos can inspire people to travel, stay with you, and ensure they “need” to be on your property. If you haven’t yet considered incorporating video into your social media marketing campaigns, there’s never been a better time. Videos make you more credible. Just be sure you use top talent and industry expertise to produce fantastic videos!

Find Influencers

Influencers really do affect the power of your brand, so if you haven’t yet connected with one, be sure you select those who are valuable to your target market. It will take some time and effort, but once you convince them to work with you, you’ll find that investment pays off in the long run. 

Get Feedback

Social media marketing for hotels doesn’t just give you the exposure you want, it also means a chance to gain access to lots of data. Use that data to continually improve your campaigns. Look carefully at your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to better understand what’s working and what’s not, then optimize your posts and your overall strategy based on that. 

At THAT, we work with hotels like yours every day to help you do more when it comes to social media marketing. Learn more about how we can enhance your brand’s presence when you contact us today.

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