How to keep people on your site

29 July

How to keep people on your site

We live in an information-saturated world. There are more than 5 billion websites out there so people have a lot of choices. This means if people cannot figure out what your site is about almost immediately they will move on to the next site. So how do you make sure they stick around long enough for you to really get a chance to persuade them to buy your product or use your service? You need to control your visitor’s eyes of course. Don’t worry it sounds a lot more complicated than it is.

First of all, you need to provide a quick summary of your site. This does not mean you have to write a paragraph about what your company does. Actually that is quite the opposite of what you should do. You just need to find a way to let your visitor know what you do as soon as he gets on the page. There are many ways to do this. If you are in the retail business you could feature one of your products on the page; this lets the consumer know what kinds of products you are selling and lets him know he has come to the right place. This hotspot or feature spot also works as a great starting point, this is the place your visitors will look at first and then work from that place. If you know what they are looking at first it is easier to direct them to the next place you want them to look.

So where do you position this feature spot? Luckily most pages have a similar layout so most readers tend to all look to the same places when they first get to a page. If you don’t know where hotspots are you can check out this map from Google. The darker the area the more time visitors spend looking at that spot.

Aside from the feature spot your site needs to have a headline. Just like the headline of an article draws you in the story the headline of your website should draw in visitors. It should convey a central message that relays what your site is about.

Finally, a good way to get a message across quickly is by using images. People are drawn to images more than text because they can get a large amount of information with very little effort. Images let you show your customer instead of telling them something.

Now to make sure that you have achieved your goal you can test your site. To do this you will need to requite someone who has never seen the site. Ask them to sit in front of your computer and pull up the site. After two seconds close the browser. Do not warn them that you are going to do this. Then ask them the impressions of you r site. What did the notice, what do they think the site is about, did they trust the site? Using their answers you can go back and make adjustments where needed.

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