The Importance of Anchor Tags

26 December

The Importance of Anchor Tags

This blog entry will be a quick clean SEO tip that you can use going into 2008. Most people familiar with SEO already know the importance of link anchors when building links to and from your site, but those new to SEO may not be as familiar with the concept.

Anchor tags are simply the group of words that are used to link one page to another. In many cases of linking the links are simply hypertext url's, however you will often see savvier internet users linking pieces of their actual sentences to other pages, making it work within the context of their writing without shoving in an out of place url.

These linked words and terms become important. As spiders index your pages they associate the words in your anchor tag with the pages they are linked to.

Thus to a spider code such as:

tells them that the page with the url is somehow related to Florida Web Design.

Knowledge of this simple concept and learning how to create basic html code can make your link building much more effective going into 2008, a year that is sure to see the importance of link building continue to increase.

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