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Content Marketing For Better SEO - 3 Obvious Observations

Posted at Jul 13, 2012 12:31:27 PM by Ronald Busky | Share

If you are not engaged in some form of content marketing you are missing out on perhaps the best sources of traffic. Too many Business Owners and even so called Marketing Pros don’t always grasp this until they have wasted all their money and time on other strategies.

Search engines are fueled by content. Their business is built on sorting through junk so you don’t have to. Our job, as marketers is to look at their mission and turn it into paying customers for your website. Below are a couple “Obvious Observations” that we use to do this.


Obvious Observation #1: No Content = No Business


Yes, we are stating the obvious here… if there were no content on the web we would have absolutely zero search engines.

So why spend your valuable reading attention on this? Because it’s frustrating how many SEO’s, Webmasters, and Business Owners forget this when developing a marketing strategy for the website.

Your wimpy five page website will never benchpress the kind of web traffic that other larger websites eat for breakfast. If you want to compete, you have to bulk up, sorry junior.


Obvious Observation #2: Better Content = Better Business


A search engine like Google, will reward sites with the highest quality content out there. After billions of dollars, and thousands of engineers it has created one of the most complex decision engines in the history of the world.

So it makes sense then that if your page looks like this your site probably won’t get ranked #1:

You have to dress the part and have the quality behind the web design to back it up…



That’s more like it! Interesting and discussion worthy content will get you noticed, and remembered.


Obvious Observation #3: More Content + Better Content = Search Engine Love


It’s easy at this point to realize the value of a content strategy. Not only are you giving plenty of fresh results to Search Engines, but since you are giving them the best quality stuff possible, expect to see a bump in traffic.

Remember this little equation from High School Physics class?

P = mv

Momentum = Mass x Velocity

Over time as you increase the size of your website (Mass) with interesting content that is more likely to be shared quickly (Velocity), you gain a type of “Momentum” in the form of higher rankings and more visits.

I encourage you to ask youself: "Do you have a content strategy for your website?"

For those of you who already do, go one step further and ask "Have I undervalued my content strategy?"

Only those who answer "yes" to both questions should find this post "Obvious."

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