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Creating Effective Page Titles

Posted at Sep 27, 2007 1:59:07 PM by Enid Glasgow | Share

One of the most important initial steps in search engine optimization is the creation of a quality title. A title must be functional from two perspectives; 1) the user 2) the spider. For this discussion we will look at the work THAT Agency did with page titles for our client Gran Melia Mexico Reforma, which is one of the finest Mexico City hotels.

Web page titles must meet a few criteria to be truly effective:

1) They must not exceed 64 characters to be fully visible in Google.
2) They must have the most important keywords towards the beginning
3) They must display information that the searcher wants to find

For the home page for Gran Melia Mexico Reforma we chose to go with the title:

Mexico City Resorts|Mexico City Hotels|Gran Melia Mexico Reforma

You will notice a couple of things from this title. First, I put the hotel name at the end of the title. Most searches will be able to figure out what the hotel name is from the URL that will displayed in search engines. Too often company names take up the prime real estate that is the beginning of a page title. I chose to go with Mexico City Resorts, since it is a primary keyword.

You will also notice the use of "piping." These allow me to add spacing without using up characters. This allows webmasters to get as many valuable terms in without using up the 64 character limit. It also allows for multiple words across piping to be used

Here are some other examples of titles I wrote for this site that use this method. The cross piping terms are linked:

Resorts in Mexico|Vacation Spots|Gran Melia Mexico Reforma

Hotels in Mexico|Resorts Vacation Packages|Mexico Reforma

Mexico Day Spa|Mexico City|Day Spas in Mexico| Spa

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