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Infographic: Dedicated Marketing Agency vs In-house Marketing

Posted at Jul 12, 2016 3:30:00 PM by Natalie Gardner | Share

Why should you hire an inbound marketing agency? There are many factors to consider when deciding which path to choose, but always remember to keep in mind, marketing agencies are designed for a reason...to get you results. Weighing out the pros and cons of in-house marketing versus hiring a marketing agency will show you that hiring an agency will actually save you money and get you better results. Think of it as a package deal as opposed to having to go out and find individuals to independently complete business objectives and leave it to you to piece together.


Our infographic below outlines hiring a marketing agency vs in-house marketing:

Marketing Agency vs In-house Marketing | THAT Agency

Consider these five factors to understand the difference between your dedicated marketing agency vs. in-house marketing:

COST: With your dedicated marketing agency, you can get more specialists for less cost. Whereas, you will need multiple specialists or vendors to create results with each marketing medium.

SPEED: Outsourcing to trained individuals allows your projects to quickly begin and move forward quickly. Compared to setting up hiring equipment to begin projects takes longer when starting from scratch. 

SCALE: Outsourcing to those with experience allows your business to scale at a greater level. As opposed to, the constant battle of talent acquisition, training and implementation adds to the challenge.

QUALITY: Specialists with inbound marketing strategy experience, techniques and tools will help you keep up with a rapidly changing business world. Whereas, and inside marketing team may not have the depth of expertise you can find with outside specialists.

STRESS: With your dedicated online marketing agency having one point of contact allows you to communicate your business objectives once and leave it to the team to communicate and complete all aspects. Compared to being responsible for the stress of the employee and communicating the differences among all vendors/specialists.

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