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4 Link Building Techniques that You Haven't Tried

Posted at Oct 31, 2008 11:30:10 AM by Joey Wolff | Share

In an increasingly-competitive search environment, it’s more important now than ever to have a solid strategy for building quality links to your website. Inbound link quality and count still seems to be one of the most influential factors in determining search rankings. Many of the traditional techniques used for building links, such as article marketing and link exchanges, are still pretty effective and important to an SEO campaign. To gain a competitive edge, however, one has to be creative and adapt new ways to attract quality links. Here are four link-building strategies that you may not have tried.

Both online and offline, contests have always been a good strategy for creating buzz around a brand, product or business. Consumers love opportunities to win free stuff and are usually attracted to contests. Next time you’re running a contest, promote it on popular contest promotion websites and social networks. Attractive contests are viral by nature and word of them can quickly spread across the blogosphere. If you’re contest is unique enough, you may get a lot of press from this strategy.

Guest blogging
Guest blogging is when a writer posts to another writer’s blog. There are many incentives for guest blogging including; increasing exposure, monetary compensation and of course, backlinks. Contact bloggers in your industry or in related industries and offer to write a good article for them. In exchange, ask for a link back to your website. It may take a little work to form a good relationship with blogging partners, but it will be worth the effort if you can acquire a link and traffic from new blogs.

Job Fairs
College job fairs are not only a great place to find new talent for your organization; they are also a good place to find quality .edu links. Most colleges and universities promote upcoming job fairs online, often linking to the websites of employers who are sponsoring the job fair. If you’re organization recruits new college graduates on a regular basis, be sure to follow-up with the organizers of these events and make sure you’re getting a link back to your website. Sometimes, all you have to do is ask for a link. From the perspective the search engines, .edu links are a strong indicator of the importance of a website. While it may not be feasible to attend these events just for the purpose of gaining a link, it is worth a little extra effort to get a link if you’re already attending.

Links from non-profit organization websites can be great because many of these sites already have strong trust. Do you regularly donate to any charities, non-profit organizations or foundations? If so, make a phone call and see if they’ll link to your website as thanks for being a supporter of their organization.

Oddly enough, some of the best links you can get won’t come from your online efforts. Your actions offline, such as involvement in charities, professional organizations, etc., will provide the best opportunities for high quality links. Take a minute to ask yourself or your clients what they are doing in the ‘real world’ that might provide a linking opportunities online.

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