Video Content Creation in 2023: Getting From 0 to 1

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In 2023, the common person has access to technology and equipment that, just twenty years ago, was only available to Hollywood-level filmmakers and producers. Video content creation in 2023 is more accessible than ever before, and yet many businesses still aren't utilizing it, or are underutilizing it.

The main reason why? It can seem overwhelming. Getting started can seem like a big lift if you've never done it before. The good news for you is that, when broken down into small first steps, you can get your video content off the ground, and you can start producing relevant, valuable material for your customers. Plus, all stats point towards every algorithm online preferring video these days. So, here's how to get from zero to one with video content creation in 2023. 

Getting From Zero to One

Here's the thing: to get started making videos that will provide value to your customers (and potential customers) you don't even need a camera. And you don't need complex software. Despite that almost every single one of us has an HD, or even Ultra HD, video camera in our smartphones these days, you don't need it. If you want to truly get from 0 to 1, there are a few ways to get there. The first way takes very little time.


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If you haven't heard of Canva, it is the largest, and arguably simplest,  design/creation tool in the world. Canva has a free version and a paid version. While there are some limitations with the free version, you can still produce very simple text and graphic-based videos that will add value and authority to your web pages. However, the paid version is really worth the money. It gets you access to seemingly unlimited templates, stock photos, stock video, background music, simple effects, and more. You don't need any kind of design background to make something that looks professional, and you can get started in minutes. Depending on the videos you want to create, this tool will save you more time than anything else. And one of the best parts? You don't have to download any heavy software. Your account is 100% online, and you can share your content straight to social media channels, YouTube, and more. 

So, if you don't have anyone who is comfortable speaking in front of the camera, no worries. Create easy, beautiful, professional videos in minutes. Now, getting the most out of Canva is another thing, but this article is on how to get from zero to one. 


Alright, now let's skip the talk about how much our smartphones have grown over the years. We all know that the camera quality on today's phones is outstanding, even if you don't have the newest iPhone, Google Pixel, or Samsung Galaxy. The most basic smartphones can give you all that you need if you are trying to get from 0 to 1 with video content creation in 2023. So here are some easy tips to follow. 

  • Don't just wing each video. Create at least a bulleted script of things you want to touch upon. This will save time.
  • Stabilize the phone while shooting. Whenever possible, use something to brace the phone to prevent shake. It doesn't have to be a specially-designed tripod or anything.
  • Don't shoot in overly windy conditions, noisy warehouses, etc. The microphone on your phone will do fine if you aren't in a setting with a lot of background noise or humming.
  • Basic editing is worth the time. There are so many free tools out there. Adding an opening screen, your logo, and some name tags/titles will go very far toward making your video not seem completely amateurish. 
  • Utilize the same video (or pieces of the same video) across multiple social media channels. When possible, shoot landscape (with the phone sideways) but with the subject centered and set back enough so that you could crop the video to share vertically as well. 


Creating video just to create video won't get you anywhere. The best place to start with video content creation in 2023 is to answer your customers' most frequently asked questions. Start by making one short video per question. Simple enough, right? From there, you can either put some time into further ideation each month/quarter, or be more reactive. Respond to industry news or more customer questions.


Getting from 1 to 10

If you want to really get the most out of video content in 2023, then you want it edited, optimized, and planned. The good news for you is that we can handle all of that for you with our in-house video team. Whether you are comfortable on camera and want us to shoot some scripted or impromptu footage, or if you want professionaly-done Canva-style videos, we are here to help. We aren't saying that our goal is to get you to go viral and become an industry-leading sensation. Our goal is to get your web pages more views, clicks, and raise your authority. Social media channels and websites that feature high-quality video perform better in the algorithms. Let us help you be seen. 


Contact THAT Agency

Reach out to us today if you feel like you aren't properly utilizing your content for video, or if you just don't have the time to do it yourselves. We take a holistic approach to boosting your presence online and driving more leads to your site. Let's have a conversation about how video, along with our other services, can help you in 2023.

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