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Product design, user interface and user experience weigh very high in conversions and drop off rates. Everyone has had a bad taste from a product or experience, think about what that made you feel or do when this happened? Every industry has their own set of best practices when it comes to this but could be a way to identify and resolve some of these issues, so your customers enjoy their experiences with your interfaces or products.


What are your customers saying?

Staying up with social channels and listening to what your customers are saying plays a big role in continuing your success within your industry. Yes, every industry has standards or best practices for displaying or guiding customers through an experience, but this isn’t true for all brands. Tweaking the experience to fit your customers needs helps address issues with drop off rates and hopefully can help you convert a few new customers. Make sure to listen.


Have you tried your process?

This may be a no-brainer for some, but others haven’t thought about going through the entire buying process with their own brands to see what could be improved. Going through your process could not only teach you a thing or two about how your customers are feeling but why or where they are dropping off from converting. Be sure to go through this process annually so your brand/products always are fresh and new for customers to enjoy.



After a customer converts to purchase a service or product, do you have a questionnaire? This would be to find out how and what made them convert, how to make the experience better and understanding or said products or services? This can teach you a lot about your experience and puts the customers in the driver’s seat to help dictate where your brand is going to go. I know not all customers will want to fill out and give away this information, but you could entice them with a coupon or discount for doing so.


A positive visual experience with your product or service could help continue to grow your business and continue to spread awareness about your brand. With social media being such a relevant platform for all, reviews and critiques could dramatically affect a new customers decision to get involved with your company. This is always an ever-evolving topic with new trends in technology and how people receive their information. If you stick to the 3 overarching topics listed, you and your brand will be ahead of the curve to rock respectively in your own industry. If you are interested in learning more about visual design and user experience, please leave a comment. If you would like to learn more on how THAT Agency’s Team could get these checks and balances in place, please check out THATAgency.com to learn more.

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