5 Easy Steps to Merging Duplicate Facebook Pages

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If your company has multiple Facebook Pages or Places, you can easily merge these pages to combine 'likes' and check-ins. Whether you accidentally created duplicate pages when first starting your business page, or have a separate Facebook Page and Place, you can combine these all into one page on Facebook. I recently went through Facebook's new process for merging pages and will walk you through these 5 easy steps to merging duplicate pages.

Note: Both pages or places must have a similar name before beginning.

Step 1: Whether you are merging a Facebook Page or Place, you must have admin access to both. If you are combining a Page and Place and do not have access to the Place page for check-ins, you will need to claim your Place Page first.

Step 2: Navigate to the Facebook Page or Place with the most 'likes'. This is the page you will KEEP and will add the fans and check-ins from the other page to the page you will keep. The page with fewer likes will be merged into the one with more likes. *The page or place with the least 'likes' will always be removed and merged into the larger page, this cannot be combined any other way and cannot be undone.

Step 3: Click in the top right corner 'Edit Page'. Then from the left hand navigation under 'Resources' click 'Merge duplicate page'. *The 'Merge duplicate page' link will only show if you are the admin of 2 Pages with the same or similar name.

Step 4: A window will pop up with a list of pages to be merged that you admin. Click on the page(s) you wish to merge and click 'Merge Pages'. *If you're merging a Place and a Page make sure they have the same address.

Step 5: Another window will pop up confirming that you want to merge this page. It will also state that all wall posts, photos, videos, etc, will be permanently deleted. Now don't worry, if you have gone through this process correctly you are good to go! The content from the page you are merging will be deleted, and the page you are keeping that you began this process through will remain. All fans and check-ins from the merged page will be added to your main page.

Step 6: Navigate to your main Facebook Page. The fan count should have increased and if there are any check-ins these will be added to your page.

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