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A useful list of JQuery Code and plugins - Part 1

Posted at Aug 18, 2008 9:18:30 AM by Ronald Busky | Share

I guess everyone out there has a list that is used by many. a top ___ (fill in the blank) list of some resource you use. Well why not me? I compiled a list of some cool jQuery plug-ins I found that have been used in our web development here at THAT Agency.

Now without further Adou, the list:

1. Pop-ups using JQuery

Now we all love pop ups right? well in an effort to keep the actual code clean, you can use this code that was written by Richard Wong

$( document ).ready( function()
	$("a[rel='pop-up']").click(function () {
     	var features = "height=700,width=800,scrollTo,resizable=1,scrollbars=1,location=0";
      	newwindow=window.open(this.href, 'Popup', features);
      	return false;

2. PDF links using JQuery
ok, so this one, I cant remember where I got it from, but its actually pretty handy when it comes to dealing with links to pdf's.

		return false;

3. Rounded corners using JQuery

This was actually the first plugin I tried for Jquery and I have been pretty much hooked ever since. This is just a cool easy way to create rounded corners (plus more) with just jquery. No top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right images... none of that stuff. just quick and easy.

   // round the boxes on the Main Nav Links

Tags: Web Development

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