You Got Them to Click Through – Now What?

16 July

You Got Them to Click Through – Now What?

Click-through-rates are low – as you are probably more than familiar with if you are a marketer. Google’s CTR ranges from 0.08 percent to 2 percent. Facebook’s is about 0.051 percent. It is incredibly difficult to get consumers to click through to ads, but it can be even more difficult to keep them there. How do you give yourself the best shot at converting one of these silver click-throughs to sales gold?

You’ve got about 95 characters with which to entice people to click through to your website. The most important aspect of post-click copywriting is delivering on the message of those 95 characters. Make sure that your landing page headline matches the ad; on a broader level, make sure that your ad is accurate. If, for instance, you entice visitors with, “Click here for a 50 percent coupon,” you had best be offering that coupon. If they do not see it immediately, visitors will leave your site, and it is unlikely they will return.

Effective copywriting engages the visitor: use “you” or “yours” to emphasize the visitor’s needs, and provide a clear call to action on each page. Whether it is “click here,” “buy,” “sign up,” or “contact us,” you want to make it easy and natural for the visitor to take the next step.

Copywriting is dependent, of course, on good writing, but it is also very important how you present your ideas. Clear, direct language is essential. In blogs or other more casual communications, it is perfectly fine – recommended, in fact -- to show off your personality, be witty, and engage on a personal level. For an ad to turn into a sale, though, you need to be very clear and concise in your ad and on your landing page. Formatting is important.

1.Your first paragraph should be only 1 to 2 lines. Grab attention.
2.Your most important points need to be at the top.
3.Use short, informative sentences.
4.Use bullets and short paragraphs. Readers should be able to quickly scan for the information they need and, optimally, take the desired action.
5.Think like a newspaper editor – you want the juicy stuff “above the fold.”

Getting them to click is challenging. Get them to stay with great copywriting.

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