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You may have heard the buzz: Blogs are relics. Blogs are dinosaurs. Blogging is dead. It’s true that the internet world saw an explosion in this medium a decade ago: thousands of new blogs, from mommy blogs to fan sites, popped up every day. But did the genre “jump the shark,” so to speak, and become irrelevant?

No. Simple answer. Just no. Blogs have matured as a form of writing, and today, they are essential brand-building tools. If you don’t have a blog for business purposes, you are neglecting a significant opportunity.

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When you include blogging in your overall content marketing strategy, you can score major wins, including:

Connecting with Customers

Blogs empower you to open a line of communication with your customer base. Today, anyone can connect with their favorite celebrities through Twitter or Instagram. People expect that they can also connect with brands in which they are interested. Your blog is one avenue by which they can do this.

Writing blog posts allows you to communicate valuable information to your customers, and it offers them the chance to give input and feedback. Through curated comment sections and social sharing, they can ask questions, comment, share, and, yes, even complain!

This type of content marketing strategy is truly a give-and-take strategy; it humanizes your business and allows your customers to connect with you. Build confidence, trust, and your position as the go-to authority in your space.

Leveraging Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is critical in positioning your website as high in the search results pages as possible. When you blog for business, incorporate relevant keywords in your blog posts. Utilizing targeted, well-researched phrases accomplishes two goals: it helps interested people find you, and it helps search engines properly index you. And remember, search engines (especially Google) love fresh content. Your blog provides you multiple opportunities each week to rank for your keywords.

Maximizing Your Digital Marketing Budget

One of the best aspects of blogging is that it is a remarkably cost-effective content marketing strategy. If you are fortunate enough to have someone in-house who can write high quality, informative content utilizing the right keywords, you can contain expenses. But even if you outsource to a content development professional, you save money in terms of the time, resources, and energy you free up - which you can devote to other sides of your business.

You also have the advantage of delivering compelling content that helps you meet key objectives, including increasing traffic, boosting conversion rates, and engaging customers/clients.

Sneaking a Peak Behind the Scenes

Have you ever what wonders behind the scenes at your favorite businesses? Through your blog, you can invite your audience to sneak a peek. If people get an “insider’s” view of how you operate, they feel more connected to your company. This is your chance to highlight your teams, your work in the community, and your other unique selling propositions.

Blogging also gives your company the chance to tell your story. Connect with your customers by letting them know how you started, what your ideas were behind beginning the business, and what values you hold dear.

Bottom line: Blogging is an effective content marketing strategy with a number of benefits, from allowing you to use SEO regularly to allowing your customers to connect meaningfully.

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