Social Media Tips for the Real Estate Industry

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According to the National Association of Realtors, 57% of realtors are using social media on a daily basis. If your firm isn’t using social media to market your properties yet, it’s certainly time to consider this marketing avenue.

It can help you reach a wider, more targeted audience. It could even serve as your key lead generator. As much as real estate social media marketing can help your firm, though, it can also be a fairly overwhelming experience if you’re just getting started.

Where do you even begin to find success on this marketing channel? These tips can help. 

Use the Right Platforms

One of the reasons so many real estate agents are easily overwhelmed when it comes to social media marketing is the fact that there are so many different platforms available. While there’s no reason you can’t use all of them to market your properties and services, three stand out among the others. 


To use this platform effectively, you’ll need to set up a business page. While some Realtors choose to post to a personal account, a business page gives you direct access to a number of useful business features like page analytics and the ability to promote posts to your audience.

Craft your posts carefully for this platform. Those posts that include images and videos tend to work best. Make sure, too, that you’re building a following here, not just showing off your latest listing. 


Having an account here is a must for realtors. It’s a very visual platform, and it engages people like no other. You’ll want to use lots of unique photos here that compel people to learn more.

Don’t forget about crafting fantastic captions, too! You can use single images or a series of images to capture attention, but the key is to get great ones that will make people want to take a closer look. 


This is the best place to connect with other business professionals, vendors, and more. Those who have a LinkedIn profile tend to look more professional, so while you may not get very many leads from this site, you are certain to enhance your firm as a whole. 

Create a Marketing Strategy

Social media marketing for realtors works like marketing in general does. You have to have a solid strategy. You wouldn’t just take some photos, put together some specs, and throw them at any newspaper, right? You have to make the right choices in the world of marketing, and that’s true on social media, too. 

You’ll want to decide on a target audience, when and where to post, and a posting schedule. Consistency is key in social media. The goal is to build interactions so that your audience continually follows you and knows when to follow you. You’ll also want to create a solid mix of campaigns. 

Some are going to be promotional - like your latest listing - but some are going to be evergreen-type posts that share answers to commonly asked questions, tips, or something else that’s valuable to those you serve. Don’t forget to mix in some fun and entertaining posts, too! That’s going to help people connect with the more personal side of your brand. 

Use Video

No matter what social media platform you choose, using video in your posts is an absolute must. Nearly half of all social media users prefer video over any other kind of content, and neglecting it is a huge mistake.

Listing videos are great but don’t just stop there. Interview buyers and sellers with whom you’ve already built a relationship to show off exactly what you can do for future prospects. Consider Livestream Q and A sessions or even advice videos. All of these will prove extremely engaging to viewers. 

Don’t Forget the Data

Social media marketing for realtors, unlike any other form of marketing, gives you access to massive amounts of data. Don’t neglect it as you revise your marketing calendar.

Decide what kinds of posts are working best, which ones are being viewed less, and what the best posting times are. You’ll spend less on your marketing efforts and have the chance to refine what you’re doing so your ROI is far higher than you thought possible. 

Ready to get started? Let THAT help you make your social media presence known. Contact us today to learn more. 

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