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Should You Hire a Local Marketing Agency?

Posted at Jan 3, 2019 10:23:00 AM by thatagency | Share

If you are doing business in dynamic, lively South Florida, are there benefits to partnering with a marketing agency in Palm Beach County? Is local the way to go when it comes to achieving your brand goals?

We’ll give the short answers: yes, and yes!

How about a more detailed response?

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Benefits of Working with a West Palm Beach Digital Marketing Agency

You can hire a great digital marketing firm located in Toledo, San Francisco, Fargo, or Boston - and they can certainly Google Palm Beach County to learn about your market. But a local agency will have a strong existing foundation on which to draw: they know the area, and the best have laser-sharp insight into the market.

They understand the culture, history, and demographics, but they go beyond this. They know who your competitors are, who the hottest businesses in town are, what they’re doing to draw in customers/clients, who your customers are, what they want, how they think… there is a wealth of knowledge waiting to be tapped when you go local.

The right West Palm Beach digital marketing agency has keen localized knowledge with broad industry expertise - and they make it much easier for you to access it. Working with a large agency or one located outside your area can mean that it’s difficult to contact the people who are handling your account. They may be overwhelmed with other clients; they may simply not remember who you are.

It is typically easier to contact local agencies, and with the most effective firms, they will remember not only your name, but your brand identity, goals, strategies, tactics, etc.

A marketing agency in Palm Beach County can also help you set up face-to-face meetings with potential buyers and partners. It can be difficult to do this if you are working with a firm that’s unknown in your area. Local also means local connections; your partner can lean on their network to help you meet with the people who can help drive your business forward.

THAT Agency, a top West Palm Beach digital marketing agency, is proud to serve our Sunshine State clients. Leverage the power of local for your next campaign or brand initiative!

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