5 Benefits of Local SEO

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You work hard to keep your website at the top of the search engine rankings, but it seems like there’s a new approach every day, and if you’re just now hearing about local SEO, you may be completely overwhelmed about how to integrate it into your current digital marketing plan. 

If you’re a brick and mortar company, though, that relies as much on the foot traffic around you as it does on the traffic from the web, local SEO really does matter. Learning why local SEO is important and what it can do for your business is essential not just to improving your web presence, but to improving the number of customers you see regularly.


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What is local seo?

For many companies, local SEO is a relatively new term. SEO, or search engine optimization, makes your website more visible. Local SEO, though, makes you more visible to the target audience in your area.

This matters because many people today are searching for products, services, and companies near them, so as much as you want a web presence, you likely want one that makes you visible to the audience around you. After all, local SEO can lead to traffic that literally walks through your door, not just those that click on your website. 

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What are the Real Benefits of Local SEO?

1. The Number of Local Searches is Increasing:

Statistics suggest that nearly half of all searches on Google are local ones. When people search for terms like “near me,” Google is working harder than ever to show those searching businesses that are actually near them.

Google is looking for a combination of proximity and relevance, and a good local SEO plan can help give you both, increasing your rankings for these kinds of searches.

2. It’s Cost Effective:

To properly optimize your business for local, you’ll need to do a few things differently than you might for traditional SEO. You’ll have to claim your My Business listing, submit the correct name, address, and phone number to various online directories, and work with your content to ensure it feels local.

While that does mean a greater investment, the reality is that it’s an incredibly cost-efficient way to reach people who will walk through your door any minute.

3. It Reaches Qualified Search Traffic:

SEO helps your site reach all kinds of people, but local SEO helps reach those who are ready to convert. In fact, one study found that nearly 80% of local searches on mobile devices converted directly into sales.

The reason behind this is simple - you’re in front of a customer at the moment they’re ready to buy a product or service.

4. It Increases Word of Mouth Referrals:

Any marketing effort still cannot begin to match the power of a referral, and part of local SEO rankings come from referrals and reviews. If they love you, they’re going to review you, and local SEO factors those reviews in.

Encourage reviews, and respond to them as often as possible, if you’re thinking of implementing a local SEO strategy. It helps you connect with people who will likely refer your business to others who might enjoy it.

5. Organic Traffic Numbers Will Increase:

Local SEO doesn’t just improve your results for those searching for “near me” terms. Instead, it can increase your organic traffic across the board, and that means more calls from potential customers, even if they’re not near you.



Should You Go With a Nearby Provider for Local SEO Services?

Many advocate for working with providers near you to help enhance your local SEO, and there’s a good argument to be made there. After all, doing business in South Florida is really quite different than doing business in rural northern Minnesota, so partnering with a marketing agency near you can be quite helpful, particularly when it comes to local SEO.

One reason it’s so important is that the closer your marketing agency is to you, the better they know the area and your target market. While marketing agencies thousands of miles from you can certainly do a bit of research to learn about the area, the reality is that local marketing companies know the region best, as well as its culture, history, and demographics, so you’re likely to better connect with them. They’ll be able to more quickly learn who your competitors are, which businesses might do best in the area, and how to draw your customers in.

Another reason to consider going with a nearby company for your local SEO needs is that they may be able to connect you directly with potential partners or buyers in the area, which could lead to endless opportunities from cross-marketing to sponsorships. They may also have ties to local media, and that could be incredibly helpful for your business.

Local agencies also know about recent changes in the area. Marketing approaches and strategies evolve over time, just as communities do, and they can help guide your company’s strategy through the lens of local experiences in those communities. They’re able to invest in your growth and success in a way that national agencies simply aren’t. With a local connection, you’re more than just a number, you’re actually that company’s focus.

More than that, though, is the fact that they’re intensely accessible. Working with a local agency means easier meetings, easier contact times, and more, making this the perfect opportunity to enhance your local SEO efforts.

Local SEO is absolutely essential now, and it will be well into the future. To learn more about how we can help improve your local SEO efforts, contact us today.

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