5 Tips for Successful Luxury Email Marketing

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Email marketing was once the single most important part of any brand's strategy. After all, for some time, almost everyone loved opening their inbox and seeing new mail. These days, though, it's often overlooked and neglected. This is especially true in when it comes to developing a premium brand marketing strategy.

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Protecting that brand and its image can be challenging online. Every single piece of digital collateral you produce has to reflect the brand's higher standards. Does that make luxury email marketing worthless, though? Absolutely not. Instead, it's possible to use this format to increase customer loyalty and increase order size, even in this ultra-competitive market. Build your brand's reputation with these five tips for luxury email marketing.

1. Develop Beneficial Content

Whether it's a welcome message, a note to get customers to re-engage with your brand, or a new promotion, what matters most, even to luxury brand consumers, is what's inside every email. It should be clear, concise, and reflect your brand at every opportunity. Ensure customers remain excited to open the emails you send, and make certain your emails are always valuable to customers.

2. Ensure Consistency Across Mediums

This is difficult for any brand, but it's especially so for luxury brands. Your customers come to you for something unique - whether it's a style, a look, or a level of quality. Your emails have to reflect that (as do all of your marketing campaigns). Ensure your email designs fit with the look and feel of the premium brand marketing strategy you've created, but don't just copy what's on your website. Instead, create an echo tailored specifically to the email medium.

3. Create a Distinctive Call to Action

When it comes to luxury email marketing, you're going to find many consumers opening email messages via a mobile device. What that means for your call to action, then, is that it must be easy to act upon, and often that means a compelling button. It can't just be compelling, though. It has to be clickable as well. Ensure it contrasts with the background of your email so it's easy to see, and make it incredibly active. Using terms like "now" are always a good idea.

4. Make Subscription a Priority

Building your email list is a solid way to ensure you're reaching out to your customers at the right times, so make sure you're capturing as many email addresses as possible. When someone lands on your website, make it easy to subscribe to your list.

You'll stay at the forefront of their thoughts if you remain in their inbox on a regular basis, and the best way to do that is through subscription. Simple place the form in question on your home page and offer exclusive access to help encourage visitors to sign up.

5. Add Touch Points

It's never just going to be about email, especially in the world of luxury goods marketing. Instead, make sure customers have multiple digital ways to reach out to you. Ensure you're linking back to your site, as well as your social media profiles. If you have an app, it should be easy to download, too. The more you can engage your customer, the more likely they are to buy from your brand.

A luxury email marketing campaign can mean real success for your brand, and the team at THAT Agency can help. Learn how when you contact us for help with your premium brand marketing strategy!

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