Understanding Color Rebranding: Keeping It Fresh

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Has it been a while since you’ve established your logo, variations, and brand colors, and you want to bring something new to your customers without creating a whole new identity? Just like any person can get a makeover, so can any brand. 2019 is here, and there's no time like the present for a brand refresh of color!

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First and foremost, your company’s logo should appear strong in black and white. Before you start adding or changing colors, a good design foundation is needed. But, since you likely already have brand colors established, you should be able to move on to the next step with ease. 

Choosing the right colors, or adding a new one

If you already have collateral matching your established brand colors, not to worry! You can always phase out the old brand materials little by little and introduce the color rebranding with a promotion or a celebration of a milestone anniversary.

If you just wish to enhance your brand and don’t want to completely change the look and feel, I would suggest not swapping the colors out completely or at all. You may be able to play with different accent colors to bring a new flair to your brand.

One way to see what can work for your company’s brand refresh is to use Adobe Color. This internet application lets individuals try out, create, and save various color schemes, each of which consists of a set of five colors.

There are also different tools to choose your new or updated colors with Adobe Color. For example, you can change color harmony to analogous, monochromatic, triad, complementary, compound, shades, or custom (by uploading a photo).

Adobe Color can not only help you get your new color codes (HEX and RGB) to your designer or print shop, it can also help you see your brand in different lights or tones. This makes finding colors for different products easier, even when those colors need to fit under the main brand.

The possibilities are endless with choosing a new color or accent color, but don’t get too carried away! There should be a little thought put into your selections before you go too far with changing your brand colors.


Psychology of Color

Each color triggers something different in the human psyche. Your brand should speak to this, if it doesn’t already. The brand colors chosen should re-emphasize and confirm a desired emotional response. Many companies already adapt their logos and designs to this philosophy, and the following graphic explains this further.

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Read more about color theory here.


Final Strokes

Overall, adding or changing a color can bring new excitement to an existing logo or brand, and it can set your company up for a promotional and/or celebratory opportunity. It is also a simple way to keep things fresh going into a new year! Plus, creating a little buzz or PR around a campaign to unveil something new can be a fun technique to try to re-engage your customers and get new business.

If you are interested in a brand refresh to add a little something special for the year 2019 and beyond, contact the team at THAT Agency today!

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