What Are the Advantages of Email Marketing?

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EMAIL Marketing Advantages

  1. Email is private
  2. Email is a workhorse
  3. Email is cost effective

You may think email is yesterday’s news, but just because email has been around a while, it doesn’t make it any less effective. Sure, email marketing’s shiny new cousins, social media and pay per click, attract a lot of industry buzz – but email marketing is the unsung hero of today’s digital marketing world. Don't believe me? Here are three major email marketing advantages.

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The Top 3 Benefits of Email Marketing

There certainly are more than three benefits of email marketing, but these three email marketing advantages are among the most compelling. Here's why.

Advantage #1 – Email is private

Doesn’t every salesperson strive for a private audience with a qualified prospect? Email provides that in spades!

Think about it. Email messages are private communications sent to specific individuals. And, by segmenting your email list, you can communicate directly with an audience of qualified prospects.

Advantage #2 – Email is a workhorse

Through automation, you can trigger emails to be sent based on an actions performed on your website, like sending a welcome email when a someone signs up to receive your monthly eNewsletter or issuing an email with a discount incentive if a user abandons an online shopping cart.

These automated emails not only save precious time, but also help nurture relationships, turning prospects into customers and customers into repeat customers.

Advantage #3 – Email is cost effective

The cost of email marketing can be much lower than other forms of digital marketing. There’s no cost per click, no advertising fee, and no post boosting required get better placement in an email inbox.

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One of the key email marketing advantages not discussed here is the ease in which you can track the bottom-line impact of your email marketing campaigns. Download our guide to proving the value of your marketing efforts for tips on communicating metrics that matter to the c-suite. 

A Guide to Proving the Value of Your Marketing Efforts | THAT Agency

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