LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies for Business Owners

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LinkedIn just celebrated its 20th birthday, and in that time, it’s done some amazing things. Today, it’s considered to be the single biggest professional social network online, and now more than ever before, companies are turning to better LinkedIn lead generation strategies to help them grow. Without a clear strategy, though, it may seem tough to get the leads you need from this platform. What should that strategy look like and how do you decide which tasks are worth your time?
It Begins With your Company Page

Obviously, the key task is to build out your company LinkedIn profile page. This is your chance to sell your company to qualified prospects. The goal here is to convince them that your company can help them, so be as clear as possible. Think simple, though, because you don’t have a lot of time and space to convince them.

Follow Up with Individual LinkedIn Profiles

Who you are as a company is one thing. Your company, though, is made up of key players, and involving them in your strategy could be helpful. Make certain your executives all have strong LinkedIn profiles as well. Offering a workshop that helps them develop a great page can help drive your own brand consistency and build out the right audience.

Make Sure You Have a Consistent Posting Strategy

Consistently using LinkedIn is a must if you’re looking for strong local lead generation. You want to add industry-relevant content that will help potential customers see you as a knowledgeable partner they can turn to again and again for the help and advice they need. Don’t overlook the power of tools like audio and video as well as both short and long-form content in your strategy.

Be Part of the Platform

Users create groups around relevant interests on LinkedIn. If you haven’t joined any of those groups, you’re not participating in the conversation. You have the opportunity to post content and updates within those groups if you join them. Keep in mind, though, that this isn’t as much an opportunity to advertise your company as it is to demonstrate that you are a knowledgeable professional within your industry. The more you participate, the more potential customers will be able to see what you’re saying and truly begin to reflect on the role you might play in their own efforts.

Consider Ads and Sponsored Content

As with many other social media platforms, you can use a number of different paid campaigns on LinkedIn to help you connect with potential customers. These options give you a chance to reach the right audience and narrow your advertising based on industries, company size, and even job titles.

Use the Tools Available

LinkedIn tries to make it fairly easy to connect with potential customers on their platform thanks to a robust suite of tools you could be using. For example, Sales Navigator was designed specifically to help you grow your pipeline, and LinkedIn’s statistics suggest that users see 45% more opportunities with it. LinMailPro is another one that can help automate some of your most basic tasks and personalize many of the things you’re already doing to reach out. These extensions are incredibly valuable as you try to navigate this platform.

Let Us Help

At THAT, we work with companies like yours to develop better LinkedIn lead generation strategies and better marketing efforts across other platforms as well. You need exposure on a much bigger level if you’re going to achieve your goals, and we can help. Contact us today to set up a call so we can get to know your goals and you can find out more about how we can help you achieve them.

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