Funnel Leads: Sustainable Growth Guide

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To build sustainable growth and a solid revenue stream, funnel lead generation really is your only option. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the hardest things to master as a business owner. In fact, according to one Hubspot survey, nearly 63% of all marketers suggested that lead generation and building out the pipeline was the single biggest problem their company would encounter. 

If it’s the biggest problem, though, there must be a solution, right? There have to be lead generation examples you can follow to make sure your company is successful in this one space. Absolutely, and this guide can help you build your funnel so you’ll always have new customers headed to you thanks to lead generation

Why is Lead Generation Such a Powerful Business Builder?

Wondering why the focus is on lead generation? It’s simple. It allows you to better understand your audience. You’ll be able to connect with individuals or companies who have shown an actual interest in your product, and that greatly increases your chances of converting them. 

More than anything, it helps you focus on your perfect audience because not everyone is a potential customer. Instead, as you build those relationships, you’ll be able to position yourself against competitors because you know who needs your solutions more than anyone else. 

How is Funnel Lead Generation Different?

Funnel lead generation isn’t a lot different from traditional lead generation. It just helps to ensure customers start at the beginning of the sales process, which helps to build demand for your product. The first stage of the process is the top of the funnel, and the goal here is simply to make sure people are aware of your product. 

It’s typically the first contact you’ll have with a potential customer, and the goal is to essentially tell them who you are. Often at this stage of the funnel, a customer will have found content you create like a blog post or a video. Nurturing them with lots of content that will help them get to know you here is essential. 

The middle of the funnel is the first place you’ll get to engage with the company. Nurturing them here is essential, and you can do that with a variety of different options. From scheduling calls to offering downloadable content like case studies and ebooks, you’ll want to connect with customers as much as possible at this stage. 

The bottom of the funnel is the final step. At this point, the potential customer has moved from someone who randomly visited your website into a lead, and they’re starting to develop a real relationship with your company. They trust you, but they’re looking for that final push to become your customer. Discounts and demos here are the way to reel them in. 

Once they convert, they’re ready to buy from you continually. 

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Building Your Process

So, how do you know how to build a process that actually works for your company? Start by better understanding your customer journey. Use tools like Google Analytics to learn more about bounce rates, traffic, and conversion to help you understand what you need to improve. Don’t just rely on online tools, though. Reach out to your customers through surveys or interviews so you know where they started and how they became customers. 

Next, begin crafting exceptional content that reaches your customers. Content comes in many forms, and your goal is to continually beat your competition. Know what they’re publishing, then take it to the next level. Remember that more doesn’t equal better. Valuable content that meets your customer’s needs is the only thing that makes you better. Optimize everything you create, and be sure to create content for every lead funnel point along the way. 

Finally, use the tools available to you to better enhance your funnel along the way. You want to know everything you possibly can about your customers and their journey, and there are plenty of tools and companies out there that can help you do exactly that. 

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