How to Leverage LinkedIn for Lawyers

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LinkedIn is often referred to as the social media network for professionals; it can be an especially potent resource for attorneys, particularly those who practice in the corporate, business, and real estate spaces. How can you integrate LinkedIn into your law firm social media strategy - and see the growth and results you want?

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7 Ways to Use LinkedIn for Lawyers

Use LinkedIn to:

1. Connect with Potential Clients. Again, this is well-suited to law firms that handle business and real estate law, as it attracts professionals with targeted needs. Many in those industries use the site to connect with potential attorneys who can help them with their challenges. Use LinkedIn for lawyers to provide education and build relationships.

2. Stay Connected with Current Clients. Don’t forget about current clients; you should actively work to keep them engaged and interested in your practice. One way to do this is to offer exclusive content for clients.

3. Build Your Network. LinkedIn offers a great opportunity to connect with others in related fields. For example, if you practice real estate law, you can create a community with real estate agents and brokers. They may refer business to you - and vice-versa.

4. Establish Your Position as a Thought Leader. LinkedIn is another location where your original, compelling content can live. Demonstrate your expertise with articles that explain complex legal issues in simple terms, FAQs, and other relevant information. Maximize its potential by joining the groups where your prospects are looking for answers, engage with them, and begin fostering relationships.

5. Highlight the Lawyers in Your Firm. You have built a team in which each person brings unique skills, experiences, and perspectives to the table. Show them off! Every lawyer in your firm should have a LinkedIn profile; be sure to link to it from the bio pages on your website. It’s one more way that potential clients can reach out to you - and it helps give your practice a “face” that people can trust.

6. Keep On Top of the Latest Information and Trends. Lead generation and client relationships are not the only reasons to build a strong LinkedIn presence: it is also helpful in staying on top of trends, problems, and even cases pertaining to your specialty. While you’re engaging in group conversations, create a list of ideas that you can turn into articles to promote your firm.

7. Improve Search Rankings. We’ve mentioned that LinkedIn is particularly useful for those who practice corporate and real estate law. But it is still beneficial for other specialty areas. Potential clients will likely conduct some research before deciding to contact you, and your profile is a rich source of information. An optimized profile will also help you boost your search engine rankings - and this has a major impact on website traffic and conversions.

LinkedIn is a business-oriented social network; talk to the experts at THAT Agency about an effective law firm social media strategy. We’ll help you maximize your impact and grow your practice to the next level.

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