Is Paying for SEO Worth It?

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Is SEO worth it? SEO takes a bit of time to establish and get going at full speed. The benefits of SEO for business rely on sticking with it enough to climb the ranks. The more you do it, the more that success compounds and builds on itself. Any SEO you've done before keeps generating long after.Is SEO Worth It? | Benefits of SEO for Business | THAT Agency of West Palm Beach, Florida

Pay-per-click (PPC) can result in more immediate traffic, but you'll always be locked into relying on paying for that traffic. You'll never build that traffic unless you're literally paying more to do so. Advertising costs can be less predictable this way and your traffic is always locked to what you can or can't pay.

Generating Quality Clicks

Here's where SEO laps the field on PPC. Consider your own Google searches. How many times do you skip those top results because you know they're ads? You go immediately to the ranked results further down because you want to know what the best responses are, not simply the ones that have been paid for.

This is incredibly normal. Everyone does it. Half the time, we don't even register what the ads say or who they're for. Research agrees: 70% of online searchers ignore the ads.

When someone who's searching clicks through, they're doing it because of their own choice. The priorities of your website are also more likely to sync up with what they're looking for. When someone clicks through on an ad, they're already wary and distrustful.

Cost Effectiveness

If you can determine the right target keywords that will regularly show up as one of the first Google responses, then you're essentially getting organic clicks at no extra cost. If you put the effort into SEO for a year solid, pages, blogs, videos, whatever it might be on your website – they're still garnering hits off SEO. Everything you've written that contains targeted SEO keywords is still generating hits.

If you work with an SEO marketing agency, work they did for you a year or more back will still develop hits. You paid to have that content created once and it's still delivering for you. One of the biggest benefits of SEO for business is that everything with SEO in it on your website is an asset.

With PPC, you're paying for every click. Some rates go as high as $1 per click. PPC can cost in the thousands, and it's not going to be targeted as accurately as SEO will. It can absolutely be part of a solution, and it can help to build or serve as a short-term stopgap in order to generate traffic, but it is not as efficient a part of your advertising as SEO is.

PPC doesn't develop any lasting assets to generate traffic.

Is SEO Worth It?

Remember the old adage: the best salesperson is the customer. If the customer starts selling a product or service to themselves, they'll do most of the work. Someone who clicks because a search result matches up with their desired search has already started doing the work. That's SEO. With PPC, when someone clicks on an ad, the ad is still doing the work.

With SEO, the customer is already investing, already curious, already doing the heavy lifting of selling themselves on the page that came up. They're looking for a reason to visit and they're looking for a reason to believe they made the right choice to visit. You just have to fulfill your end of that bargain with a clean, stylish, straightforward website that encourages them to make the impulse buy they already want to make.

Every piece of SEO that goes on your website becomes an asset. As you build assets, you build a foundation of customer generating search results that you don't have to pay for.

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