Digital Marketing: Outsource It or Keep It In-House?

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Digital marketing can drive your company’s growth and profitability, helping you accomplish mission-critical goals. But should you outsource marketing to an external marketing team or handle your marketing internally?

Let’s weigh some pros and cons, so you can make the right call for your business.

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In-House Marketing Team

Staying with an in-house team rather than an external marketing team does have some benefits. To begin with, you’ll have someone there on a daily basis who can document some of the behind-the-scenes things that happen with your company. They’ll understand how your company works, from the ground up, simply because they’re able to be there, on site.

You’ll be able to call them into a meeting in your office, have them sit in on client interactions, and engage with customers/clients. Proximity is often quite useful!

Many business leaders feel more comfortable, at least initially, with an in-house team. They’ve hired these people, they work with them daily, and they (hopefully) have a strong connection. This can help you feel more connected to your digital marketing function.

There are some negatives in terms of using an in-house team rather than an external marketing team - and many of them revolve around cost. Maintaining a full-time marketing team in-house makes a significant dent in the budget, especially when you think not only about the wages they’ll earn but also their benefits and any extras that they need.

Outsource Marketing

Leaders are often hesitant to outsource marketing needs because of the perceived cost. As mentioned, though, you remove the expenses associated with employee-run teams. Furthermore, you are receiving the benefit of experience and expertise that is specifically tailored to your industry and business.

An external marketing team doesn’t have to get up to speed on the latest strategies, techniques, and tactics. This is what they live and breathe. There is no learning curve for which you are paying. As they immerse themselves in your brand, they “hit the ground running” in terms of developing and implementing sound strategy.

Another plus of outsourcing your marketing is that an external marketing team can grow with your company. If you have an in-house marketing team, you’ll have to add to the team as you grow or risk outpacing their capacity. Agencies can scale up with you without interruptions in service or results.

The truth of the matter is that almost all business owners find that they have a lot less stress and worry when they choose to outsource marketing needs. With an external marketing team, you get the high-quality content and design that you need while also getting the experience that can help your business to truly shine online.

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