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As social media continues to grow every day, we can see that the influx profiles can make it extremely difficult for your Facebook business page to be seen organically. There are about 80 million small- and medium-sized business pages on Facebook right now. With this much competition, you may be asking yourself, "What do I need to do to get noticed?" The following Facebook SEO tips can help answer that question for you.

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Facebook Page Optimization Checklist: 7 Steps for Business Page SEO

  1. Choose Your Facebook Name

Choosing your Facebook name may seem like a walk in the park; however, it is important that your page name is not too generic because it could likely blend into similar businesses. Also note that you should not cram all your keywords into you page name. It can come off spammy to users and could make them hide your page from their feed.

  1. Use Keywords on Your Page

Keywords are essential elements to your Facebook SEO strategy. When choosing keywords to use for Facebook it is important to keep in mind that Facebook is mainly used for branding and promotions so keywords should be centered around specific products and/or services you offer. You should strategically place keywords in the sections of your page such as the about section, description section, photo captions, updates, notes, and headline.

  1. Use Relevant Backlinks

Relevant backlinks are a crucial aspect to SEO. Relevant backlinks from authority sources that help direct to your website and alerts Google that your content is worth reading. You should aim to have popular and trustworthy sources promoting your page and tabs. It can be helpful to view your competitors backlinks and see if you could benefit from them. It is also important that when you post content pertaining to your website pages that you include links in your captions to direct traffic to your site.

  1. Claim your Vanity URL

When you create your Facebook business page, it auto-creates a generated URL for you. By claiming your Vanity URL, you can match your company’s name into it which can boost your SEO. This will allow users to easily find your page both on Facebook and other search engines. Also note that your page must have at least 25 likes to be eligible to choose a custom URL.

  1. Optimize Your About Tab

In the 155 characters you are allowed, be sure to include your values and benefits of your services and products. By adding concise and compelling copy with brand specific keywords can encourage your target audience to like and follow your page.

  1. Update Your Business Information

Be sure that all your business and contact information is correct and valid. By having a consistent name, address, and phone number, you can be indexed for local search by Google. Not only does this inform prospects of hours of operations, directions, and contact information but also allows users to check in and share in their status.

  1. Create Content

When creating content, you want to be sure you are using consistent brand colors and visuals that align with your messaging. By using high-quality, helpful, educational, and entertainment content you can help generate engagement and promote followers to like, share, and comment. For your captions, remember to add in a relevant keyword for your page to show up in the search engine results pages (SERPs).


These Facebook SEO tips will help your Facebook business page gain more traffic, get more shares, and likes, as well as help draw your target audience and potential customers to your page. Our Facebook page optimization checklist gives you a few different ways to increase your organic visibility and can help you rank your Facebook page on Google.


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