5 Ways Google Analytics Can Save you Money and Increase Traffic

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Google Analytics was created by Google engineers in 2005 and quickly became the world’s most popular tool for measuring website traffic. Whether you are an established business, a start-up, or even a mobile app, Google Analytics can help you make savvy business decisions, set goals, and achieve a return on investment.

Signing up for an account is simple and FREE. Which means you can monitor what is working for your business, and what is not at NO cost. Intrigued yet? Maybe this will help…

Here are 5 ways Google Analytics can save your business money:

  1. Targeting the right Market. Google Analytics displays the type of traffic that is accessing your web site. The tool can track gender, age, demographic and more. Knowing where your website traffic is coming from can tell you if you are reaching the people you want to reach, or if you need to modify your content or message in order to direct the right traffic. Good content + Good message = Good Traffic, Good traffic = More potential leads ($$$).
  2. Traffic Sources. Going even further into analyzing your website traffic, you can see how the traffic is finding you online via direct, paid, referral, organic, social etc. Using computerized geodata allows you to observe where your viewers are accessing your web site from. For example, if you are an online swimsuit company it would be ideal for you to see that there is an increase in traffic coming from warmer climate areas or near the beach. Again targeting the right audience equals a higher return on investment.
  3. Adding a Search Feature. Sometimes overlooked, the search feature is basically like a customer coming up to an employee in a store and asking where something is. If there is an influx of people asking where an item is, it’s most likely popular and may need to be put somewhere more noticeable, or, in a section of its’ own. Same applies for your website. If there is a highly ranked word in your search feature, think about attaching it to your homepage or creating a tab at the top.
  4. Ad Revenues- Google Analytics allows you to view what landing pages your viewers are accessing the most. This is important because you can detect what it is that makes those pages popular and use those strategies for other pages you want to direct website traffic in the future. For example, Google Analytics offers content experiments which allows you to test which CTA, images, headlines, page layouts, keywords and texts are intriguing your audience. Pinpointing what your customers like can drastically increase ad revenue.
  5. Work with a Marketing Agency. Working with a Marketing Agency can save you valuable time and in the long-run money. Marketing agencies specialize in SEO, PPC, Advertising, Google Analytics, Social Media and much more. Although businesses sometimes try to manage this on their own, it can become very overwhelming and they may need specialists to perceive exactly what can be improved for your business to boom. Over time you will drastically save your business money.

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