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5 Reasons Social Media and SEO are BFFs

Posted at Apr 5, 2013 4:54:00 PM by Nathan Mendenhall | Share

Believe it or not, there are still people out there in the business world that scoff at social media. I know, I know, I am just as surprised as you are. From experience, many brands are still only focusing on their SEO efforts without realizing that there are ways that strategic social media marketing can support your organic SEO efforts. While this has yet to be proven 100% and set in stone, I feel that these points all make sense. Here are 5 ways that a sound social media strategy can support your SEO efforts.

1. Social Sites Have High Domain Authority

Search engines are always trying to serve up credible and relevant content, so what is more credible and relevant than social hubs where people are having REAL and ORGANIC conversations? Facebook, Twitter and Google+ have some of the highest Domain Authority on the Internet, so you definitely want as much of you content on these sites as possible. Links from these sites will also suggest that your website is active and valuable.

2. Studies Show That Social Signals Influence Ranking Factors

SearchMetrics did a study last year that found that the number of people that Facebook, Twitter and Google+ all have aspects that are important for SEO. For Facebook, the amount of people who like your brand and shares of a webpage showed evidence of ranking influence. On Twitter, the amount of Followers that a brand has and tweet mentioning a brand’s name are very important. Google+ is more straight forward as the amount of people that have a brand in circles and +1’s are major signals there.

3. Tweets with Links get Indexed by Google Faster and More often!

Not too much to elaborate on here. Tweets that include a link help that page get indexed faster and more often. SEOMoz did a study about this some time ago, so this point might actually be a bit dated. However I think it makes sense to suggest that a user tweeting a link shows that the page is credible.

4. Social Media Increases Brand Visibility

If a brand can easily be found, you can easily be linked to. Social media can help increase the amount of inbound links and citations because of possible super-sized brand visibility. Make your brand easy to find and easy to brand-stalk!

5. Increase in Positive Customer Reviews

Being active on social media sites allows for more customer touch points to resolve potential issues. Every successful resolution shows people that a brand really values their business. The more happy customers you create, the more likely a positive review will pop up on a major review site. Customer service and social media is a match made in heaven.

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