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Redesigning Your Website? Don’t Forget These Crucial Elements

Posted at May 11, 2011 6:05:01 AM by Joey Wolff | Share

Are you redesigning your website? Good! Not only can it help you create a fresher, more streamlined feel for your site, it can help provide a better experience for a wider variety of users. Today’s sites are charged with making traditional desktop users happy, as well as the growing population of mobile users, and redesigning and optimizing your sites can help give you an edge in the fiercely competitive virtual world. While you’re modifying layouts or images, don’t forget to include the following elements:

Content. It sounds pretty basic, but in redesigning your site, consider whether you will transfer the content from your older site or create new copywriting? Do you need to freshen up articles or information? In most cases, adding updated, relevant information is a good idea. When you do so, make sure that you employ solid SEO techniques, like keyword optimization and high quality content. This is more important than ever given Google’s recent Farmer (Panda) update. You may be able to slide the old content over, especially if it is of use to your users. If so, you could consider archiving that so users can access it, and then adding fresh content in addition. This way, you can accommodate regular visitors while appealing to new traffic.

Expertise. Depending on your field or industry, you may need to include content that demonstrates your expertise. If, for instance, your website offers wilderness survival tips and advice, you want to explain why you are the person to help. Readers don’t want to take wilderness tips from someone who lives in a high rise and sees more buildings than trees. How are you qualified to dispense this advice? What makes you special? This applies to nearly all industries. If you are a lawyer, doctor, or manufacturer, what is your expertise? Where did you get your training? What makes you the one your readers should choose for advice, service, or products?

Integrated social media. If you haven’t integrated social media into your website’s marketing strategy, now might be a good time to test the waters. Have a plan as to what you want to achieve: for instance, do you want to increase communication and look for feedback from customers? Do you want to establish your expertise in a given area? Do you want to drive traffic? Have a specific goal, and then work towards that consistently. You can link to your social media accounts through your website or invite users to connect with you through your emails or other promotional products.

Redesigning your site is an excellent idea; just don’t forget the basics!

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