2010 Social Media Statistics

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With all the hub-bub around social media, I thought it was time to put together some social media statistics for 2010. The following social media statistics mostly show a snapshot of the current major players in social media at this time with a little nonsensical commentary from me.

FaceBook Statistics

Facebook continues to be one the fastest growing and largest active social networks. Our facebook social media statistics come courtesy of facebook.

  • Over 500 million active users (50% of which sign-in daily) - Wow, that's a lot. It's hard to argue against developing a facebook marketing strategy when you think about how many chances you have to be a part of your customers lives on a daily basis. Add some value to their facebook experience and you may be rewarded!
  • Over 900 million pages, groups, communities and events - It's a big pond, how are you differentiating your business?
  • Over 150 million active users who access through mobile devices - Is the content that you're sharing / promoting mobile friendly?

Twitter Stats

Twitter has established itself as the Internet Sensation. Our Twitter social media statistics come courtesy of the Huffington Post.

  • Over 100 million REGISTERED users, with about 300k new per day - Another huge network, growing at an amazing rate.
  • Over 55 million daily tweets - As with facebook, we're dealing with another huge pond. Maybe it's time to stop promoting those rinky-dinky blog posts and time to start promoting interesting content...
  • 600 million daily search queries - Are you thinking what I am? When can we get access to see what those search queries are!
  • 60% of tweets come from 3rd party applications, 30% come from mobile devices

Foursquare Statistics

Foursquare is not the biggest or baddest social network but we think that foursquare is pretty interesting to watch. As their user-base grows, we may see this network gain influence. Our foursquare statistics come from HitWise.

  • About 41% of traffic came from Facebook and Twitter (as users share check-ins) - The human need to share what we are doing and where we are doing continues to litter, errr, populate content on the social web...
  • Foursquare announced a record 275,00 check-ins in one day in March - Can't argue with this stat. There's a lot of sharing going on Foursquare and with increased incentive, this network may be a strong influencer within the next year. Local business, get in now before it's cool!

Myspace Statistics

MyWho? MySpace is alive and kicking (sort of). While network is experiencing the most growth, they still tout a pretty impressive user-base.

  • 122 million active users - Merely a fraction of facebook but still extremely significant.
  • 100 new users every day - About 1/3 of twitter but still pretty strong.
  • Spend an average of 2 hours / month on the site
  • Fastest growing demo is 18-24 year olds

Depending on its products and services, social networks can provide a good deal of opportunities for businesses. The time and monetary investments can be significant so targeting the right social networks and strategizing for the long-term are key. hopefully these updated 2010 social media statistics will get you started.

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