Can You Have Two Facebook Pages with the Same Name?

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If you maintain a Facebook page, there are diverse ways to display your brand name, and unfortunately, it's possible in today's global marketplace that someone else occupies your company name. Understanding how Facebook operates and how to display your company name so people can locate you can assist you in avoiding any potential problems this might cause for your company. Here are some Facebook business page tips that can help.

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User Name Vs. Page Name

Facebook allows companies to have duplicating names on their platform. What it does not allow, though, is two companies to have identical user names for their pages. That affects the web address for those pages, and because you can't have innumerable companies housed under a solitary page on the platform, you can't have two identical user names.

Change Page Name on Facebook

If a business already possesses your Facebook user name, don't worry. It's not the terminus ad quem of your social media marketing ventures. You can simply select "change page name on Facebook" as an option. While you won't acquire the user name you want, you will receive a page name with which your particular audience will identify.

Unlike personal profiles, companies establish business pages. A company could establish a page for the organization or even for a particular branch of the organization. People engaging with your company can like both your posts and your page. It doesn't add to their friend groups, just to the pages they've liked.

As you establish up your profile, you'll be requested to come up with a user name and page name. The user name only appears in the URL when people navigate to the page, so if someone has already taken Joe's Limos, you can simply choose Joe's Limousine Service as your user name without jeopardizing the brand name with which people actually identify. In the event the company that you're competing with for the optimal user name ever withdraws from Facebook, you could be next in succession for that user name.

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