How to Get a Better Marketing RFP Response

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Your goal with an RFP for digital marketing? Connecting with a digital marketing company who can actually meet your needs. The reality? In most settings, it's a frustrating nightmare that not only becomes a massive waste of your time and resources, but also leaves you shaking your head, wondering how your next campaign is going to get off the ground. How can you get the marketing RFP response you need to make your dream campaign a reality? It's easier than you think.

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Get Help

You're not alone. There are people and teams within your organization who could help you get the response you need from the right digital marketing company, but the key is to reach out to those people. Many marketers make one call - to legal. While that's certainly something you're going to want to consider to ensure you build a document that isn't going to create problems for you in the long run, there are others you can, and should, contact.

Do you have folks on your team who in the past have responded to RFPs on the other side of the equation? Do you have vendors who respond to RFPs on a regular basis who might be willing to take a closer look at yours and find trouble spots? A second set of eyes on this will help improve your marketing RFP response tremendously.

No matter who you talk to - legal, other team members, or vendors - take a hard look at the changes they suggest. For example, someone in marketing may suggest adding a paragraph that may expose you to legal risk. A team member may see an area where you can depart from the template to make it more attractive to a digital marketing company. Look closely at what each party suggests, then decide whether it's right for your RFP.

Offer Continual Updates

For vendors, one of the biggest drawbacks of the RFP process is the lack of communication once they've submitted a response. You can change that for them. Start by only inviting vendors you would actually hire. Make sure to let them know your decision timeline and where they stand. Offer some Q&A time for your vendors, and allow them to update their proposals if needed.

Bottom line: update everyone involved about the process to communicate where you are and how soon you'll be ready to get started.

If All Else Fails, Start Over

If you're not getting a satisfactory marketing RFP response, ask yourself why. If you're relying on a template that your company has used for decades, it's time to start over. If you're using a template created by legal alone, it's time to start over. If you're not getting a response despite all of your best efforts, START OVER!

There are many creative RFP options out there, and yours doesn't have to look like every other document vendors receive. Design something that really works for your company, and you're certain to see a response over time.

Searching for a digital marketing company to help get your next campaign off the ground? We can answer many of your questions, even if you haven't quite managed to finesse your RFP yet. Contact us today to learn more!

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