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Grabbing the attention of top marketing agencies can only mean one thing to your company: better results. Wondering how to make it happen? For many, it's all in the RFP, and when you build a better RFP, you drive toward your goals more effectively and efficiently. Sound like it's a bit out of your league?

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Think again. You can create an RFP that inspires agencies to work with you and develop top-notch campaigns that put your company on the map.

Don't Write Your RFP First!

The first step in this process isn't writing the RFP itself. Instead, it's deciding which agencies might be right for you. Just as you defined your target audience in your original business plan, you should decide who belongs in that group for your RFP. Those agencies that deserve your attention include those with third-party indicators of success, like awards, case studies, and testimonials.

Thought leadership doesn't hurt either. You can get a sense of who is leading the pack among top marketing agencies with information gleaned from social media channels like Twitter. Also, take a quick look at each agency's own website to decide if their values align with yours.

Next Stop: Dump Your Current Marketing RFP Template

You're looking for the best agency, right? Ditch the marketing RFP template you've been using for years. Wondering why? It's pretty simple. If you haven't had the results you were looking for in the past with your template, there's probably something lacking.

Start fresh, instead.

Begin with a closer look at exactly what you're trying to do. Pin down those goals and objectives, and look at what you've been doing. What's worked? What hasn't? Once you can clearly define what you're trying to do, you're ready to start fresh (without the tired marketing RFP template).

As you write, keep in mind that organization matters - a lot. If they can't understand what you want, the chances are good the agency won't even respond.

Clearly state your purpose from the outset, and tell them a bit about the history of your company and values. You'll also want to explicitly spell out the goals of the project, and what your current status is within that arena. For example, if you're looking for top marketing agencies to transform your website, you'll need to let them know where you're at and what you've tried in the past.

Add any technical details potential marketing teams might need. A team that will transform your social media landscape needs to understand your past efforts. A team that will offer you an entirely new video marketing presence, similarly, needs to know what you currently have at your disposal (video equipment, hosting space, etc.). Defining your expectations as clearly as possible will help them understand if they can handle this project.

Don't forget to include both a realistic budget and the criteria for selection. It's helpful to a potential bidder if they know how and when you will be making your decision and the notification process regarding that decision.

The easier your RFP is to read, the more likely those top marketing agencies are going to be to select your project over the others sitting on their desks. So start thinking and writing!

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