How B2B Email Marketing Works

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Email is consistently ranked as one of the most effective marketing channels. Are you taking full advantage of email in marketing your B2B business? In this quick read, you'll learn how (and why) B2B email marketing works so well. You'll also find out how you can ramp up your B2B email marketing strategy with help from five fundamental B2B email marketing tips. Let's get started!

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Email Marketing: Meeting the Needs of Your Customers/Clients

Business-to-consumer (B2C) buyers tend to purchase on emotion. You know the old saying, people buy on emotion and justify with logic. B2B buyers are a different breed. They base their decisions on logic and rationale. They have to. They must justify their decisions to higher-ups and ensure the spend is worth it in terms of ROI.

Email allows you to take a more in-depth approach to marketing to B2B prospects and customers. You can leverage email to keep your brand top of mind, provide useful, relevant information, deliver personalized messages, and more. When you include compelling subject lines, valuable content, and easy sharing and/or CTA buttons, you can reach B2B buyers more effectively.

The results speak for themselves. The average ROI for email marketing investments is $44.25 for every $1 spent, according to Experian. Furthermore, most consumers (77%) prefer to receive communications via email, and 72% of B2B buyers are willing and eager to share useful content through email.

In short, a solid B2B email marketing strategy boosts engagement, leads, and conversions. Now, what steps do you need to take to leverage this powerful channel?

5 B2B Email Marketing Tips

  1. Define your objective. Any marketing strategy begins with this question: what do we want/need to accomplish? With your email marketing campaign, do you want to increase awareness? Provide education? Generate leads? Increase sales? Clarify your primary objectives and continue to track analytics to ensure you’re hitting your targets.
  2. Build targeted distribution lists. You need to send the right messages to the right people at the right times. It’s not enough to build a random list. They should be industry-relevant and your lists should reflect the recipients’ needs, interests, and stage of the buyer’s journey so you can effectively nurture them along towards a specific objective.
  3. Prioritize specificity. Building on the previous point, it is important to segment your audience. By targeting specific users by demographics, buying patterns, industry, etc., you can ensure they receive the necessary communications in a way that facilitates action (whether it’s downloading exclusive content, scheduling a consult, or making a purchase).
  4. Use automation. Crafting personalized emails that are timely, relevant, and triggered by certain events/actions (e.g., a “thank you” email after someone makes a purchase), is time-consuming. Automation technology makes it manageable so your people can focus on their core mission-critical tasks.
  5. Nurture your leads. Don’t neglect leads. Keep them engaged and interested with emails offering valuable content or promotions. Stay top of mind with those who need one final push towards purchase.

If you want to amp up your B2B email marketing strategy, talk to the folks at THAT Agency. We have extensive experience in building, managing, and tracking successful email campaigns. Let us help you!


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