How to Market a B2B Business in 2019

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Business to business marketing involves a markedly different set of strategies from business to consumer marketing. B2B clients and customers have unique needs, and they need to justify decisions to upper management and the C-suite. They don’t buy on impulse or emotion; they need facts and figures that resonate. How do you reach them effectively?


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Here are five tips for effective B2B business marketing:

1. Establish Your Authority with Thought Leadership

Again, B2B customers approach buying different from B2C customers. They need to believe that you can address pressing business problems with streamlined, convenient solutions. With thought leadership content and presence, you become a trusted resource. Pose opinions, offer evidence and data to back them up, and convey your innovative ideas.

2. Leverage Industry Influencers

Like thought leadership, influencer marketing is not new to 2019. But it does present a significant opportunity in terms of B2B business marketing. Most B2Bs are not using this technique, so you have the chance to stand out above the competition. Identify influencers in your space (i.e., industry experts) who have large followings and relevance to your target audience.

Once you find them, make them an offer they can’t refuse! How can you entice them to join you for a podcast? Host a webinar? Appear at a speaking event? In other words, ask - and answer - what’s in it for them?

3. Use Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Most B2Cs rely on a volume of customers to operate successfully. They need to feed a large audience and ensure they are continually hungry. B2B is different: one, two, or ten big clients can make or break your business. This is what makes ABM so effective. Rather than casting a wide net, you target individual accounts and deliver personalized communications. It’s essentially marketing to individuals rather than the masses. It requires close teamwork between marketing and sales, so make sure these functions are in alignment.

4. Utilize Long-Form Content

This may seem counterintuitive given our shrinking attention spans, but long-form content is incredibly beneficial. Google values it and ranks it highly. Their job is to connect searchers with the best, most relevant information. Prospects need to dig deeper into your content in order to evaluate your authority; well-qualified leads will consume long-form content.

Aim for 1,000 words or more for blogs (not every blog - remember the stages of the buyer’s journey. Some prospects are not at that level yet) and promote them via social, exclusive content offers, email marketing campaigns, etc.

5. Pay Attention to Long-Tail Keywords

These keywords and phrases are more specific, targeted, and aligned with what searchers are actually looking for. Search volume is lower, of course, but that’s good in that you can get very targeted and reach those who are looking for you and/or your solutions. It is easier to rank for these terms as well.

Business to business marketing can be complex. If you need more information on the tips mentioned above or want to integrate these techniques into your overall strategy, contact the team at THAT Agency.


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