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When it comes to SEO, content is king. Copywriting is an essential component of any business’s online personality and profile, and it can be enhanced using established, and effective, search engine optimization techniques. Outbound marketing, or marketing that is trying to be shoved in front of your audience's eyes, is losing its footing. Today, consumers are more annoyed by ads, or just disregard them entirely. But INBOUND Marketing, the strategy of providing optimal content for people actively looking for your product/service: that is the future. Here are some tips for optimizing the content that appears on your page so it helps build your brand and, most importantly, sell customers on your products, services, or ideas.

Keyword optimization

One of the factors that search engines consider in their various algorithms is keywords. For a site that is meant to be viewed via desktop or laptop, opt for long-tail keywords that are descriptive. Searchers are becoming savvier in trying to locate the most relevant information in the shortest amount of time. For mobile sites, however, opt for keywords that are short and to the point. Also, incorporate local search terms if you depend on mobile traffic. And a consistently increasing amount of web traffic is coming from mobile these days.

Incorporate keywords into your writing of pages, titles, blog posts, and social media posts. Do not stuff them, but include them naturally, without interfering with readability. People can tell when a page is written with a search engine as the primary reader in mind rather than them, the consumer.

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Targeted audience

Who are you trying to help find your business? You don’t have to please everyone every time, but you do have to make a concerted effort to appeal to your target audience. We like to build out 'buyer personas' for our clients. What do they want? What type of tone will they respond to? Should you be conversational, chatty, formal? It all depends on the brand you are trying to create.


People do take the time to read longer texts online, but by and large, they are looking for short, concise answers and information on topics of interest. Products are a good example. When someone is trying to make a decision between the new iPhone and Galaxy, they want a variety of things, depending on who they are. They may want short text, lists, images, videos, charts, tables, short but complete customer and expert reviews. But some may also want to read in-depth personal opinion pieces. 

There are topics that demand longer articles, and that’s perfectly fine. Just make sure that if you take the time to write out longer-form articles, then you are delivering what your audience is really looking for

Call to action

What do you want visitors to your site to do? Buy, share, subscribe, sign up for newsletters? The writing must be geared towards that specific goal and intended to prompt users to take the desired action, even if it is to just return to the site for more information.

The goal of good copywriting is to engage readers, keep them on the page, and convert to a sale (or subscription, or whatever your specific call to action). With these SEO techniques, your copywriting can be even more effective.

To that end, here's our call to action: reach out to us online, via email, or give us a call if you are considering investing in content marketing! We'd be happy to help. 

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