Technology That Will Impact Digital Marketing in 2022

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The past two years have meant serious change in the world of digital marketing, and that change doesn’t show any signs of slowing in the near future. As 2022 creeps up, understanding what will impact digital marketing in the upcoming year is--of course--very valuable. This year, it looks like the kinds of applied technology in marketing is set to make a huge move. What technology shifts will alter the way you reach your customers? Keep reading to learn more. 


Maybe the most important technology that will shape the upcoming year is Artificial Intelligence. Many companies have already begun using AI and machine learning in their marketing strategies, and many more will begin to adopt this practice in the upcoming year. While it’s typically used to automate reporting or recommend the next move, what you’re going to see very soon is AI helping marketers understand what customers are looking to buy in the near future, based on their previous behavior. More than that, though, AI will be helping digital marketers choose influencers that will result in a higher ROI for your brand. 

Technology in Marketing 2022


Virtual Help

One technology that is certain to change the digital marketing landscape is virtual assistants. You have probably already integrated some of this into your site already. Maybe you have a chatbot answering customer questions. Perhaps you have an email autoresponder. All of those fit in the category of virtual help, and it will change the way you market in the coming year. Using the right chatbot software is a reflection of your company’s image, and it can also increase customer interactions so that they come back to your site again and again. 


Virtually Live Experiences

Since the spring of 2020, much of digital marketing has relied on virtual events to help engage customers. Today, though, more people are beginning to feel comfortable with live events. Some, however, would prefer to stay in the comfort of their own homes. Digital marketing will now rely on experiences that are held both virtually through platforms like Zoom as well as live options. Here, using options like AR can create the same immersive opportunities those at the live event might have, and you’ll likely be able to engage with customers and leads virtually almost as well as you could in person. 


Mobile First 

Ironically, mobile isn’t going anywhere. As you begin to make plans for 2022, you’ll want to make sure all of your digital marketing is mobile-friendly. Not only will your customers appreciate this move, but your search engine ranking will too. Be sure you consider accelerated mobile page designs to help content load faster on phones and tablets as well as design options that look great on any screen. It may even make sense to design an app for your company to better engage with customers. 


Voice Search

Voice search has been on the rise for a few years, and over the course of 2022, it’s expected to continue to increase. More than that, though, it’s expected to directly translate to sales. To address this shift, you’ll want to optimize all of your pages for voice search. Consider creating content that answers specific user questions and organizing your existing content in a question/answer type format. You’ll also want to think about user intent. What are people looking for with certain search terms, and how can you meet their needs? The ability to answer that question will put you far ahead of your competitors in terms of voice search. 


Technology shifts have long been at the forefront of digital marketing changes over the years, and 2022 is likely to be little different in that regard. Technology in marketing isn’t always easy to navigate, but we can help you stay on top of the necessary changes. As a full-service digital marketing agency, we’re here to meet your needs when it comes to integrating the latest strategies into attracting new customers.


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