Dynamic Callout Extensions

30 November

Dynamic Callout Extensions

THAT Agency Discusses Dynamic Callout Extensions

Callout Extensions were launched in Google AdWords about a year ago now. We’ve seen tremendous strides with this additional ad copy opportunity. Not only does it allow you to highlight certain attributes about your business or product that you may feel would be wasted within your precious 25 characters of actual ad copy, but it also offers you the best opportunity with paid search ads: more real estate within the SERPs!

Paid Search Callout Exensions | THAT Agency


THAT Agency Example of Callout Extensions

Google recently launched Dynamic Callout Extensions. Dynamic callout extensions will automatically pull in different business and product highlights, straight from your website, to let your users know what’s special about you! These highlights will then be added dynamically to your PPC ads, as callout extensions. Similar to regular callout extensions, they will not be clickable, but will offer your ads more real estate on the SERPs. However, if you have already created your callout extensions and implemented them on an ad group or campaign level, your manual extensions will override Google’s dynamic callout extensions.

Of course its best practices, whenever setting up a PPC campaign within Google (or Bing), to add in your callout extensions yourself. Ultimately you’re the expert in your company and choosing your own callout extensions tends to provide the best leverage against your closest competitors. However, just in case you miss anything, you can now rest assured that Google has you covered with the new dynamic callout extensions.

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