How Gutenberg Changes the World of WordPress

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Is WordPress a key tool for executing your content marketing strategy? Is a day without sunshine like, you know, night? If these truisms ring true for you, then you've probably heard about WordPress' Gutenberg project.

If not, here's a quick synopsis: The Gutenberg project is a new editing environment scheduled to launch in WordPress sometime this year. Marketers are questioning whether Gutenberg will have a positive impact on how they blog for business or if the new editor will disrupt the implementation of their content marketing strategies.

At this point, only one thing is certain: WordPress' Gutenberg project is important. Here's why.

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The Gutenberg Project: A New Beginning

Gutenberg is the dawn of a new day for WordPress. It's the foundation upon which further WordPress developments will be laid. 

According to Yoast, stage one of WordPress' three-stage roll-out strategy will be the new editor, Gutenberg. Stage two will focus on page templates, and the final stage will transform WordPress into a full website customization tool.

WordPress may be putting all its eggs in one basket with Gutenberg, but WordPress is one of the world's top content management systems (CMSs) for a reason — and some (especially those who blog for business) will argue that that reason is ease of use.

New Kids on the Block

Speaking of ease of use, in Gutenberg, everything will be a block. While we'll all be new kids on the block struggling to edit content after Gutenberg's release, once we become familiar with the changes to the interface, we'll enjoy the simplicity of building content using blocks. It'll be like preschool all over again — laying blocks to build the framework  — only this time the blocks will be laid quickly and easily in accordance with a carefully constructed content marketing strategy.

Previously, things like shortcodes, embeds, and widgets were used to enhance content. With Gutenberg's block structure, you'll pile your content into one convenient box and avoid the different nuances.

"Gut" to the FUture

Intended for inclusion in WordPress 5.0, Gutenberg (a.k.a. "Gut") quite literally holds the building blocks for engaging, direct, and visual content. Gutenberg's elements pave the way for the future of WordPress as a full site customizer.

This big change will open up new opportunities for WordPress, carrying an already-popular CMS — soon with an enhanced editing environment cleverly named for Johannes Gutenberg's 15th-century printing press — beyond the 21st century.

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