4 Tips to Writing a Great Blog Post

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If done properly, a blog can be a valuable digital marketing tool for your company. It can help build trust with your customers, generate leads and build brand awareness. That’s why it is important when writing blog posts to create engaging content that delivers value and aligns with your company’s digital marketing strategy. Here are four simple tips on how to write a great blog post:

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1. Have a catchy title and compelling opening paragraph

A recent study showed that 80% of people will read the headline copy, but only 20% will continue reading. Make sure you are writing blog posts that are able to grab people’s attention! If readers do not find your content valuable and engaging, they will just pass it by.

2. Write a Great blog post that targets a specific need or question

Before you even start writing blog posts, determine the purpose of the blog itself. Yes, the ultimate purpose is to convert the reader into a customer, but just writing a sales pitch won’t maintain the reader’s attention. Write about a topic that someone may want to learn more about. (For example: What are the best social media marketing strategies?) Make sure your information is useful and informative. Don’t get too technical though, or you may lose your reader.

3. Create a call to action

When writing blog posts, you should always end your post with a call to a desired action. Whether that action is going to your website, filling out a form or purchasing an item, you want the reader to follow through. However, use caution when asking readers to buy things, as it can turn them off. If you have an eCommerce website, encourage readers to visit that website instead of immediately pushing the sale.

4. Optimize your content

You spent all this time and effort on how to write a great blog post, now you need to make sure people see it! Make sure your keyword appears in the title, as well as the first and last paragraph of your blog. Research your keyword using programs like Moz or Spyfu. Don’t always use the broad, popular keywords – they can be too competitive. Use long-tail keywords instead. (For example: For the aforementioned blog topic about social media strategies, use something like “social media marketing strategies” as your long-tail keyword rather than just “social media.”)

Writing blog posts can seem overwhelming, but it does get easier with time and practice. Just follow these four steps and you will be on your way to writing a great blog post for your company.

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