Why Local SEO Matters for Car Dealerships

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Any car dealership that wants to survive knows that they have to have a high quality, informative website and strong SEO. But what many business owners don’t realize is that you need to have the right type of SEO in order to get the traffic that your business deserves. But what is the “right type” of SEO for car dealerships? And should you hire an SEO agency to help provide it?


Understanding Local SEO

What is local SEO and how does it differ from more general search engine optimization efforts? Local SEO is engineered in such a way as to appeal to the potential customers in a specific radius. This ups the possibility of getting the business from your website into your front door.

Think of it like this: let’s say that you live in Miami, FL, and for some reason your plumbing isn’t working properly. In order to find someone to work on it, you may input a phrase like, “plumber in Miami, FL”. This will deliver a list of the plumbers that service your area.

If, however, you put just the word “plumber” into a search engine you’ll come up with vastly different results. You’ll see articles about how to become a plumber, what the term plumber means, and even articles about how much a plumber makes. What you won’t get is the name and number of a plumber that could actually help you fix your problem.

Local SEO empowers you to target your audience with precision.


Getting Local SEO Right

In terms of SEO for car dealerships, you’ll need to leverage the right keywords. These keywords will draw the attention of local customers who are already interested in the inventory and services you have to offer.

An experienced SEO agency can mean the difference between guessing at keywords and incorporating the words and phrases for which people are searching. By hiring an SEO agency you’re delegating the task to someone who has the expertise and experience to select keywords and integrate them into your web content and the infrastructure of your website itself.

They understand the algorithms of search engines like Google and Yahoo and know how to leverage the “near me” searches on these engines with a variety of techniques, from optimizing your profile on Google My Business to helping you land in the “three pack” of highlighted results.

When you’re thinking about SEO for car dealerships, make sure you take into consideration the importance of local SEO. By hiring the right agency you’ll increase the amount of traffic to your website which then translates into increasing the amount of revenue as well.

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