When to Partner With a Digital Marketing Agency

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Nearly half of organizations do not have a clear and defined digital marketing strategy in place, and 39 percent do not feel their current strategy is effective. This puts them not only at a competitive disadvantage, it leaves them vulnerable.

Without an effective, proactive strategy, your business’s attempts to reach and connect with its audience  - and to convert them - are hit and miss, at best. Is the answer partnering with a digital marketing group?

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Certainly, outsourcing this critical responsibility can yield a strong return on your investment. How do you know it’s time?

You’re Growing

If your business is growing, hire a marketing agency. Your agency partner will not only be able to help you create the high-quality content that your business needs, they will advise you on other approaches, such as website design and social media integration, that will take your business to the next level.

A digital marketing group will be able to help transform your website from one that simply showcases your product to one that actually works to generate new leads and traffic for your site. The more traffic and leads, the more opportunities you have for conversion - and increased revenue.

You Need to Connect

In today’s media-frenzied world, connecting with your customer base is a must. There needs to be a fundamental level of trust established before they feel comfortable completing desired calls to action.

A digital marketing group begins by assessing your current digital presence and understanding your business-building goals. From there, they will help you develop and implement sound strategy that empowers you to reach them - while maximizing your marketing budget.

Your Audience Demands Information

If you hire a marketing agency, be prepared for them to go through your current content with a fine-toothed comb. What are they looking for? Quality, first and foremost. Furthermore, do your current resources educate, add value, answer questions, and offer solutions? Do the media work for the information you want to deliver? Do you need more variety (blog posts, social, articles, white papers, eBooks, videos, infographics, etc.) to convey your key messages?

Employing the manpower to do all of this in house may not be feasible or cost effective. A digital marketing group has the experience necessary to handle these needs and build your online presence into a force to be reckoned with.

When you hire a marketing agency, you may feel as if you are putting your business in the hands of outsiders, of people who are not as invested in its growth and profitability as you are. That’s why you go beyond working with an agency and select a true partner.

When you find the right digital marketing group, they'll treat your company as if it’s their own. Your success will be their success, and they will work diligently to drive you toward your business goals.

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