What Is a Full Service Digital Marketing Agency?

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A recent Adobe survey found that only nine percent of businesses believe their digital marketing strategy is actually working. Any brand operating in today's environment has to leverage digital marketing. Without it, a company is simply not going to achieve mission-critical goals.

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But if so few believe it's working for them, what's wrong with the picture? It could be that too few are taking advantage of the resources available. One of those resources that is often overlooked is a full service digital marketing agency.

A Full service digital marketing agency DEfined

One marketing agency is as good as the next, right? Not quite, especially in today's complex business world. Digital marketing agency services fall into two major categories: full service and niche.

Niche agencies typically focus on a single area of digital marketing. For example, if you hired a company to design and develop your website, then worked with another for your content, you hired niche agencies within the general field of digital marketing.

A full service agency, on the other hand, manages every aspect of your online world. Typically they have several departments, but from the initial planning and development of your website to the promotion of your brand on social media, full service means a holistic strategy that helps to build and maintain a consistent, and effective, online presence.

Full Service Digital Marketing Agency | Services | THAT Agency of West Palm Beach, Florida

Does it Really Matter?

Wondering why it matters if you hire different niche agencies or a single full service digital marketing firm? Imagine, for example, you've hired a blogger to handle some of your content creation, a social media firm to handle posts, responses, and profiles, and a PPC company to further promote your brand.

The chances are good that none of those parties will ever speak to another. The problem then comes in when your blogger writes an amazing piece of work that deserves to be promoted on your social media channels, but it is completely ignored. Likewise, maybe your social media company doesn't push out the new landing page you created for a PPC campaign. Instead of having people work for you, you're handling all of the communicating - which just adds to your own to-do list. A full service digital marketing agency, however, could have handled all of it seamlessly.


Making the Decision

So, which really works for you? It depends a bit on your company. Maybe you'd prefer to handle all of your own blogging and social media, which might just leave you with a need for smaller scale solutions. In that case, a niche agency might be better. But remember, a full service agency can handle part of your strategy, even if you choose to retain other tasks in-house.

If you're looking for more comprehensive help, though, and a complete picture of your brand pushed simultaneously across all potential digital media channels, a partner that offers a full suite of digital marketing agency services is likely your best bet.

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