Who Needs Digital Marketing Services?

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A recent Tech Crunch survey reported that nearly 80% of people shop online every day. The real question is, are they spending their time and money with you? If not, maybe it's because you're not utilizing the right digital marketing services.

Worried that you're not big enough to use them? Think traditional small business marketing strategies are probably enough to meet your needs? Unfortunately, that's just not the case today. In a world where virtually everything is digital, marketing has followed suit. Understanding the kinds of businesses that can benefit from digital marketing could help you open an entirely new avenue for growth.

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The What

If you're not sure about the terminology, it may be important to first understand exactly what "digital marketing services" means. Traditional marketing means techniques like TV and radio ads, mail outs, newspaper ads, or even billboards.

Digital marketing, though, encompasses a much broader spectrum of opportunities. It’s email, text messages, banner ads on websites, SEO work on your own site, blogs, pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, video ads... If it's on the web or accessible through mobile devices, it falls under the heading digital marketing.

The Who

So, who really needs these kinds of services? How do you know if your company is among those who could really benefit from a little professional help here? Contact digital marketing professionals for small business marketing strategies if:

1. You need a road map forward

It can be a bit overwhelming to get started in the world of digital marketing, and developing solid goals and a path to reach them is a must. If you're still at the stage where you haven't fully developed the value proposition you need to get customers in the door, it may be time to think about contacting the pros for guidance.

2. You don't really know your digital audience

Knowing who might look for you online is just as important as being online at all. If you don't understand your target audience (in digital form), you can't reach out to them. Unfortunately, your competitors might have already developed that knowledge, and that could leave you with a bit of catching up to do. Building a better picture of your audiences is all part of the world of digital marketing.

3. You do some online marketing, but you know it's not enough

You have a website. You might even have a Facebook page. If that's as far as you've gotten, it's a good step in the right direction - but it's likely not enough to make a big difference in the world of digital. What is enough? A digital marketing professional can help you find your way so you know where you invest your marketing dollars for a bigger ROI and build a program that delivers spot-on results.

The Where

Ready to start shopping for digital marketing services? Let us help. Contact THAT Agency today to learn more about what small business marketing strategies we can offer your company.

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