What is a Dynamic Website?

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So there I was, siting at the computer with my forehead on the keyboard trying to figure out the best headline for the homepage.  This is the first message users will see when they visit the site, it needs to be perfect for everyone!  I lifted my head and saw the jumbled letters across the screen and held down backspace for a seemingly endless moment.  Without a dynamic website, you might find yourself in this situation.

What is a Dynamic Website | THAT Agency

The truth is, that perfect headline doesn’t exist, nor will it ever exist.  It’s simply impossible.  You have no idea where users are in their experience with your website so whatever you decide on, your headline will be irrelevant to a handful of people.  Dynamic sites solve this problem.


What is a Dynamic Website?

A dynamic website is a site that displays different content to different users based on who the user is.  They allow you to appeal to multiple segments in your target audience to increase the likelihood of goal completions on your site, and in turn increase revenue.

A site that is dynamic needs to be planned.  It takes time to think about the different types of people (personas) who will be viewing your site, and coming up with the perfect headline for them.  Again, the perfect headline doesn’t exist, but a one that is targeted towards a smaller group of people will be better than a generalized message.


Why Build a Dynamic Website?

A dynamic site allows you to communicate your value to your target audience in a much more targeted manner.  Instead of using the same “slogan” or catch-phrase type message on your homepage, you’ll be able to use a headline that speaks to solving your audience’s problems or providing them with an opportunity to enhance their lives. 

As a business, you likely have multiple ideal customers that fall into different categories.  They have different interests.  Motivations.  Goals.  They’re different.  They’re people.  A dynamic site gives you the chance to speak to all of these, across your group of ideal customers.


Dynamic Marketing Brings It All Together

 Just because you have a dynamic site doesn’t mean you can sit back and relax.  Your site is your biggest digital marketing asset and it’s message needs to be present across your marketing channels.  If your site is dynamic, your marketing should match.

Dynamic marketing ranges from the headline you use on your homepage to the emails you send to your contact list to the landing pages they convert on.  Depending on who is viewing your site, it’s important that you display a message that is timely and relevant to that user.  This way, you can increase the likelihood of conversion and getting them to make a decision in your favor (give you their money).


How to Get a Dynamic Site?

Luckily for all of us, building a dynamic site for your business isn’t out of reach.  You no longer need to slave over millions of lines of code to build a site that is responsive to specific users.  There are platforms out there that enable businesspeople, marketers, and pretty much anyone who knows how to work a computer to build an agile website.

When you build your site on the HubSpot CMS, you automatically have the ability to build a dynamic website.  You’ll also be able to take it to the next level with their all-in-one inbound marketing tools and create a strong dynamic marketing strategy to go along with it. 

Now that you know about dynamic sites, I hope you have less of the “head resting on the keyboard” days.  Create that close to perfect headline for your audience (all of them) and create a website that’s relevant!  As you aim to make your site dynamic, make sure you check out the latest web design trends to make sure your design aligns with the goals of your business, as well as your audience. 

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